The Best Note Taking App for iPad for Students

Lighten Up Yourself by Leaving the Pen and Paper at Home and Take the Best Note Taking App for iPad with You!

Remember those days when we used to collect paper notes from our bags, house corners, and different places, during our exam for preparation? Well, note taking is a lifesaving practice for students and working professionals, but a lot of people find it pretty messed up to save papers in one place.

Fortunately, a lot of digital tools, software, and applications are there for note taking. But, in this article, we will explicitly discuss the five best note taking apps for iPad.

Installing a trustworthy note taking application on your iPad or iPhone is significant for you if frequently have to attend meetings, workshops, or conferences. Since these apps would sync your notes across all devices, offer some exceptional features, and keep them stored for longer.

So, let’s begin!

5 Versatile iPad Note Taking Apps for Students

Despite what note taking method you use to store the data and information, a note taking application allows you to store all important notes and data digitally within the cloud-based storage. Having these apps installed in your Apple devices provides convenience and effortlessness. Moreover, you can type, draw, and write to take notes in these applications.

Let’s jump to our first application.

1. Notepad+ Pro

Notepad+ Pro is an extravagant application for iPad users, but if you want the sensation of a pen and paper on your iPad or iPad Pro, or if you don’t want a membership but still want pro features, this is your best option. There are numerous ink pens, highlighters, and color tools that all attempt to mimic the note-taking process used on paper.

Although it does enable a keyboard interface, the app is mainly intended for those who own an Apple Pencil (or another iOS-compatible stylus). This tool is certainly worthwhile to consider if you need to annotate files in a number of formats. It enables you to add notes to Excel, Keynote, and Numbers documents as well as PDF files.

The blurring function of this best note taking app for iPad pro is yet another amazing feature. However, before sharing your notes with other people, you can easily conceal important information on them with a simple touch.

Subscription PlanPriceValidityCompatibilityFeatures
Pro$19.99Annually iPadOS 8.0 or laterAvailable in 12+ languagesNotes creation and annotationProtect sensitive notes with passcodeHide sensitive content using blurDrag and dropImage insertionNotes organizationShare and export notesEditing and customization

2. Notability

Here comes another best note taking app for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices: Notability is praised for its straightforward user experience and potent functionality. When you can include multiple types of multimedia, like audio and video, notes aren’t more just notes. It combines a number of distinct iPad note taking apps, giving users the option to take notes, keep a journal, or use specialized features like pen and highlighter.

In addition to note-taking, PDF annotation is also supported Notability. This is the best note taking app for students and employees who frequently study and deal with PDF files, it is a useful add-on tool. You can upload your personal notes or slide to get commenced, or you can choose from one of the available templates.

For convenient access, the app is also all iOS devices with iOS 14 or later. You can make specific note revisions with the Basic plan for free, but if you want access to more capabilities, you’ll need to sign up for the Plus plan.

Subscription PlanPriceValidityCompatibilityFeatures
Basic PlanFreeUnlimitediPadOS 14.0 or laterAvailable in 24+ languagesAnnotationsCustom templatesLecture recording while taking notes
Premium$2.99MonthlyiPadOS 14.0 or laterAll basic featuresCollaboration toolsDocument generationDrag and dropFile sharing and exportingHandwriting recognitionMeeting notesNotes managementProject managementSearch toolTo-do list
Premium$11.99AnnuallyiPadOS 14.0 or laterSame features as above for one year.
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3. Evernote

Evernote effortlessly bridges the gap between the two mobile operating systems for people looking for a note-taking platform that works with both their iPad Pro and Android phones and tablets.

Evernote is an excellent program for gathering various inputs into one file for storing and sharing, including pictures, text notes, audio messages, and new website extracts. For the convenience of use, they can then be accessed using the web browser interface on an iPad Pro, an Android device, or a PC. The fact that you can search the notes is also a benefit.

Although Evernote is the best note-taking app iPad free, it offers in-app purchases. However, the free product is only capable of syncing two devices, and monthly uploads are only 60MB. Upgrade this application to the Premium subscription to sync all of your devices, receive 10GB of uploads each month, live chat support, and offline access to your notes, among other benefits. As a substitute, a business plan with more features is available for collaboration.

Subscription PlanPriceValidityCompatibilityFeatures
BasicFreeUnlimitediPadOS 13.2 or laterAvailable in 26+ languagesSynchronization in two devicesPDF annotationCalendar Integration
Personal$4.99MonthlyiPadOS 13.2 or laterAll basic featuresFast image recognitionNote historyPDF and MS Office docsConcierge supportBusiness card scanningOffline accessibilityGeographic search

4. NoteShelf

Before Notability, NoteShelf was one of the go-to iPad note-taking apps but it’s still a fantastic choice. Numerous Notability specifications are present, such as the ability to annotate PDF files and execute multiple tasks using the iPad’s split-screen multiplayer. For subsequent use in summarizing a presentation or conference, you can record audio notes to go along with your text notes.

Moreover, NoteShelf can identify writing in 65 various languages if you speak or write in more than one language. This makes it an effective tool for both independent language learning and language classes.

In addition, you may download your notes from NoteShelf to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Evernote. Because its export feature is conspicuously absent, NoteShelf is our top recommendation for passionate note taking students and professionals.

The app’s ability to record voice notes via the NoteShelf Apple Watch app will be useful to Apple Watch users as well.

Subscription PlanPriceValidityCompatibilityFeatures
Business$9.99AnnuallyIPadOS 13.0 or laterAvailable in 65+ languagesNotebook password protectionDrag and drop importPdf importAnnotationSplit-screen supportHandwriting recognitionCustomized notebook coversAdd individual tags and bookmarks

5. GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5 is an excellent iPad note taking app if you prefer to compose handwritten notes instead of using the integrated keyboard. This is one of the best note taking apps for iPad with stylus.

On the iPad, taking notes with a stylus has many advantages, particularly for some kinds of information. For instance, using a keyboard to write down difficult equations, formulas, and other scientific symbols is at best laborious and in the extreme impossible. However, using an Apple Pencil makes it simple.

The capability to annotate PDFs, a method of turning handwritten content into text, and note syncing with the main cloud storage providers are all significant aspects of GoodNotes. On your Mac, you can import, create, and edit documents using the app.

Subscription PlanPriceValidityCompatibilityFeatures
OS 13.0 or later
Available in 15+ languages
Limited to three notebooks
Converting handwritten notes to typed notes
Sharing notes via email
Full Version$8.99UnlimitediPad
OS 13.0 or later
All basic features
Unlimited notebooks
Handwriting recognition
Automatic iCloud sync to all your devices
Custom pen styles and colors
Draw shapes and drawings

Start Taking your Notes in the Best Note Taking App for iPad

We wish this post had given you a better idea of the fun alternatives your iPad offers for taking notes. Getting the advantages of writing on paper without giving up the organizing capabilities of digital tools is now simpler than ever. However, in order to choose the best note taking app for iPad, you must identify your level and requirements; whether you want an app for study schedules, professional meetings, or other tasks.

Naturally, you must develop the practice of taking notes if you want to reap its rewards. You’ll adore our course on mastering habits if you’re trying to establish the practice of taking notes because it helps you remember ideas, concepts, schedules, and other crucial activities of academic, professional, and personal life.

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