10 Best Tech Companies to Work For

A lot of people dream of getting high-paying jobs in the top tech companies. However, millions of tech firms seek ideal candidates and offer them some outstanding perks and benefits along with career growth. It could be said that getting a job in one of the top enterprises could change your entire career route.

Hence, whether you’re a software engineer, developer, data scientist, or programmer, the tech industry should be your second home. This is the place where you get numerous opportunities to polish your skills, enhance your profession, and acquire experience in your area. But, this is only possible if you choose the right one of the millions of best companies to work for.

Therefore, in this article, we would walk you through the ten best companies that offer incredible job security, competitive salaries, and millions of other benefits. Other than this, you’ll learn how you can step into these enterprises and obtain a job.

List of 10 Leading Tech Firms to Work in

Let’s glance at the top best tech companies to work for that invest more in their employees and deliver long-term benefits.

1. NVidia

The high standards and ample benefits of getting employed at NVIDIA will appeal to many people who put in a lot of effort and are committed to developing their careers. It has a solid rating on Glassdoor and a record of looking out for its workers.

A few of the reasons employees enjoy working at NVIDIA include working on the most advanced technology and having an impact on global changes. The presence of other brilliant people and the company’s strong reliance on team initiatives are other things that employees remark about.

Yet, the only issue with NVIDIA is the exorbitant number of hours you have to put in to develop within the organization. The level of competition is great, and only a select few people are offered promotions.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
SoftwareJensen Huang22,473$656 Million4.7

2. Google

Working for a large organization like Google enables you to be accompanied by the world’s top intellectuals. Due to financial constraints, few other businesses can match the astounding number of advantages that Google provides in order to recruit employees.

Nonetheless, Google has the issue of having incredibly high criteria for competence and devotion, which is certainly well known. Other issues include the cutthroat hierarchy, which reduces earning potential, and the difficulty in standing out due to the abundance of red tape. Yet, working in Google internships or full-time employees can benefit at an amazing rate.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
Search Engine TechnologyOnline AdvertisingQuantum ComputingE-CommerceSoftwareArtificial IntelligenceConsumer Electronics.

Sundar Pichai


$69.69 Billion


3. Microsoft

Another one of the largest businesses on this list is unquestionably Microsoft. A lot of the contemporary computers that we use are a result of it. With amazing Glassdoor ratings, it demonstrates that it is doing its best to look out for its staff. Microsoft continues to be dedicated to developing cutting-edge goods that enable it to remain competitive in the market, despite the high growth phases.

Retaining that lead will depend on employee retention, and offering a full range of perks is one way to stand out. The most brilliant people in the field are some of the people who employees enjoy working with. Working for such a large firm comes with typical difficulties, such as feeling unheard, not having a real influence, and fierce competition.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
SoftwareConsumer ElectronicsSatya Nadella221,000$51.87 Billion4.4

4. Adobe

Adobe was established in the United States under the name Adobe Systems Inc. The international corporation offers expert software services. The company’s slogan, “Creating Digital Experiences,” emphasizes how important it is to provide high-quality software. If you value technological prowess, innovation, and justice above all else, Adobe is the best IT company to work for.

Adobe supports equal career opportunities for all people and fair compensation. The business seeks highly intelligent individuals who enjoy taking on hard tasks to join the teams and provide clients with valuable goods and services. Award-winning Adobe offers its staff members the opportunity to advance their careers. The business has earned The Best Employers For Diversity from Forbes and Great Place to Work’s World’s Best Workplace awards for six years running.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
SoftwareShantanu Narayen25,988$4.43 Billion4.4

5. Intel

An America-based global technology business Intel Corporation is the dominant player by revenue in the semiconductor chip industry.  In addition to central processing units (CPUs), microprocessors, integrated graphics processing units (iGPUs), systems-on-chip (SoCs), motherboard chipsets, modems, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., Intel also manufactures a wide range of other hardware devices.

The main PC manufacturers in the world, like Lenovo, HP, and Dell, that use Intel processors, are among the clientele of this 1968-founded business. The creator of Intel was Gordon E. Moore, a well-known engineer and the man behind “Moore’s law.”

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
HardwarePatrick P. Gelsinger121,100$79.02 Billion4.3
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6. Apple

On the global stage, Apple is yet another leading company. The business has raised the bar and outperformed several other well-known tech companies to distinguish itself as a pioneer in the sector. Apple’s assortment of items has turned into a lifestyle choice.

At Apple, diversity and uniqueness are paramount. The business seeks skilled employees with a passion for achieving their goals and a willingness to set massive goals. Individual development and cooperation are valued highly in the workplace. Jobs at Apple are available in software, hardware, commerce, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other support programs. According to Apple, each employee needs to feel secure and supported at work.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
Consumer ElectronicsHardwareTim Cook36,786$82.96 Billion4.2

7. HP

Hewlett Packard was established in 1988, which is more often known as HP, produces hardware for the IT sector. The two main elements of this business are innovation and regeneration. For many years, HP has been associated with high-end gear. HP has become a well-known company on the global market thanks to its affordability and brand dependability.

The working environment at HP is one in which multiculturalism, fairness, and compassion are ingrained and encourage individuals to succeed and advance their careers. The organization has positions in a variety of fields, from technology to administration, sales, and marketing to software engineering. HP offers internships to graduates and current students alike. The business is committed to creating goods that change the market for the better.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
ITHardwareEnrique Lores51,000$14.66 Billion4.2

8. IBM

IBM (International Business Machines) has been committed to offering computer-based services to several businesses throughout the world since its founding. The corporation has a footprint all over the world and has been instrumental in advancing the digital revolution. This US-based business has built a solid reputation for creating affordable hardware and software solutions for private, business, and commercial use.

The centerpiece of IBM’s organizational philosophy is diversity. The business supports using logic, science, and intelligence to advance both social and human circumstances worldwide. IBM fosters a work climate that encourages education, teamwork, and loyalty. The business is likewise environmentally concerned and takes its sense of duty sincerely. Besides, work-life balance is encouraged by the accommodating work environment.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
HardwareSoftwareArvind Krishna345,000$15.5 Billion4.1

9. Sony

Here comes a Japanese corporation that manufactures consumer electronics, which is known as Sony Group Corporation or just Sony. It is among the biggest producers of electronics products as well as the biggest producer and distributor of video game consoles worldwide.

55% of the image sensor industry is dominated by Sony. Sony is the second-largest camera manufacturer in the world and the top producer of picture sensors. Sony TV is the industry leader in the premium TV space. Sony is the third-largest television manufacturer in terms of annual revenue. In 1946, Masaru Ibuka opened an electronics store, and subsequently, co-founder Akio Morita joined him to form Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd, which later adopted the name Sony.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
Consumer ElectronicsKenichiro Yoshida109,700$81.38 Billion4.1

10. Amazon

Since its founding in 1994, Amazon has grown to become a major global e-commerce hub. The company provides a wide range of services, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robots, digital marketing, and more. This global market has benefited greatly from technological developments thanks in large part to Amazon.

Both seasoned employees and students seeking internships to expand their skill sets can find employment at Amazon. The business has vacancies in numerous locations in addition to its affiliate businesses. There are lots of jobs in many different departments, from operations & IT service, sales, and cybersecurity engineering to business intelligence, data science, human resources, and hardware development.

IndustryCEONo. of EmployeesRevenueGlassdoor Ratings
E-commerceAndy Jassy1,468,000$469.8 Billion3.8

An Extensive Guide to Landing a Job in the Best Tech Company

So, there were top ten best tech companies to work for that offer exceptional perks to its employees. However, whatever industry you fascinate, you should know about some tactics to step into these best corporations to get a successful career ahead.

However, you need to follow a proper stepwise procedure to land a job in the best technology firm.

  1. Develop your Knowledge Regarding the Industry

Few things are as crucial when beginning your profession at any of the best tech companies to work for. And, being well-versed in the field is one of them. Although initially, this could seem a little intimidating, the best part is that your expertise need not be theoretical.

There are many things you may do on your own to get an understanding of the IT industry, in addition to taking computer and business programs, which can be useful. Tech-specific websites provide a wealth of information about market trends and cutting-edge solutions. Not only this, it involves finding out about certain businesses and the type of job they conduct.

  1. Acquire Experience at Tech-Based Companies

Now, once you’ve developed your knowledge and skills, it’s time to gain some practical experience by working as an intern for a tech company now that you have some background in the field and a strong emphasis. This is a terrific approach to determine what kind of work is suitable for you while also expanding your understanding of the tech industry. You might be interested in engineering, web development, marketing, programming, or other areas of a firm’s operations, based on the nature of the organization you work for and the experience you get.

However, larger organizations can give you the opportunity to completely focus in your industry and obtain the kind of experience that might take you a year or two to achieve at another company, whilst smaller businesses may provide a more cross-functional internship experience.

This is a crucial point to have in mind as you submit applications for internships because you’ll want the internship you select to match your future professional aspirations. Don’t panic if you recently graduated without having completed a tech internship. By expanding your sector expertise and researching the businesses you wish to work with, you can still make a statement.

  1. Update your Resume After Getting Experience

In a perfect world, recruiters from the best tech companies will get in touch with you. However, you’ll typically send a résumé. How can you get beyond the selection procedure?

Ensure that your resume is optimized for both applicant tracking system inspections and human readers. When you can, evaluate your experience. List your technology stack together with the programs’ versions. incorporate the job description’s keywords.

Keep your descriptions and text blocks short. Avoid including more than one page, especially early in your career. Also, make sure your bulleted lists contain action verbs to avoid using passive language.

  1. Enhance your Interview Skills

Large tech companies frequently conduct multiple interview rounds. After a preliminary phone interview, you might also have interviews with important team members, a technical interview, and a second interview with the hiring manager. You’ll gain the assurance you need to stand out from the crowd by honing your interviewing techniques.

Create a brief opening statement that outlines your qualifications and your motivation for applying to the organization. Describe what you can add to the team and the research you’ve done on the company’s objectives.

  1. Continue Learning New Skills

You need to keep learning new tech skills in order to remain competitive in the tech sector since technology is constantly changing. You must make sure that you are currently on the methods, techniques, and certifications if you are interested in a career path involving technology. Excellent programming abilities in a variety of coding to learn are among the other top tech skills that most organizations seek

Due to the fact that the majority of companies now have their own websites, you must also make sure you are familiar with HTML and structured query language. Enrolling in various online classes relating to technological advancements will help you develop new abilities in the tech profession if you are just starting out.

Final Words

If you plan to find the best tech companies to work for in 2022, you need an appropriate approach and strategy to step into such enterprises. However, in this article, each of the firms offers unique services with hundreds of benefits for IT students and experts. Yet, the best IT company to work for depends on which area you are an expert in and what you aim to develop your career in.

Students and professionals, who want to work with the latest technology and innovation, can get tremendous opportunities to get employed in these firms by following the procedure (mentioned above) and get plenty of perks. These companies not only deliver outstanding perks but help you flourish your experience and build your portfolio in your domain.

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