10 Easiest & Fastest Online MBA Degree Programs

The fastest online MBA could be a necessity for you. This is because the international marketplace continues to expand, and numerous firms want to keep themselves involved in learning contemporary marketing strategies and business tactics. These organizations are always in need of highly experienced and well-trained employees, who implement their academic and professional knowledge to bring accomplishment to the company.

Therefore, an MBA graduate is preferred by these firms. Many professionals, who want to influence their careers fast, can enroll in an online MBA class and open doors to numerous opportunities. An accelerated MBA program online uses a lot of means to quicken the degree process, such as transfer agreements with other institutions, intensive classes for a few weeks, decent credits for work-life experience, and so on. However, these short MBA programs help students acquire the technical and professional skills they need,

Check out the ten best and easiest MBA programs for students to enter in the business and marketing industry.

What is an Accelerated MBA?

An accelerated MBA program allows students to obtain a business degree by spending less money in a shorter period as compared to a regular MBA degree program. This degree program requires approximately a year to complete. However, a conventional MBA degree program takes 3 years to complete.

10 Fastest online MBA Programs Ranked

Here, we have ranked the best, shortest, and easiest online MBA programs that are suitable for students who want to enter the business marketplace academically and professionally within a shorter period. These most reputed accelerated MBA programs are offered by the most trusted universities to deliver you a worthwhile education.

1. University of Cincinnati – Carl H. Lindner College of Business

The University of Cincinnati’s online MBA program is accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools, which provides an inexpensive and quick choice for students who are or want to work full-time and seek a curriculum that suits their goals and schedule. This program can be finished at the student’s convenience, making it a cheaper choice. It can also be finished in three terms, boosting the financial return after program completion and making it one of the fastest online MBA programs.

The same professors who oversee MBA education in the conventional degree program also assess this course. Online students do not fall behind their peers because participation and presence in the classroom are required in the curriculum. Additionally, this program gives students the option to personalize their education by choosing one of the seven industry-specific majors.

2. Southern Utah University – Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business

One of the easiest and fastest online MBA programs is offered by Southern Utah University, yet its short duration does not compromise its quality. Through the program, students are encouraged to develop the leadership skills and conversational confidence necessary for today’s corporate environment.

The qualifications at Southern Utah University vary from program-specific to institutional. However, the MBA degree is a leader in integrity and efficiency with its accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International. With more than 95% of graduates securing their careers or a considerable promotion after graduation and degree completion, the MBA program has witnessed an increased employment rate. Students do have the option to take a specific course on campus since the curriculum is the same for both online and conventional students and is as versatile as the student requires to succeed.

3. Kent State University – College of Business Administration

At Kent State University, an online accelerated MBA emphasizes international business and supply chain management. In this program, students are free to choose their own timetable. Some remote learners will have to spread out their courses over an extended period of time, which will make the program’s completion time lengthier. Yet, if a student wants to earn the degree sooner, they can enroll in full-time classes and do so in just one academic year.

The eight-week semesters in which the College of Business Administration’s degree program is designed to make it convenient in a number of ways. Students who wish to register in the program but do not hold a bachelor’s degree in business may be required to take additional basic courses before being allowed to take major courses. Additionally, applicants attending business schools are not required to have prior work experience.

The prestigious AACSB-International manages the business school at Kent State University, while the Higher Learning Commission oversees the institution’s regional recognition. For Bachelor, Master, and PhD students, Kent State offers a variety of programs on its campus as well as online through virtual learning. The exceptional online MBA program at the university offers courses in finance, economics, computer systems, accounting, operations, HRM, law, marketing, and statistics.

4. University of Arizona – Eller College of Management

The University of Arizona Eller College of Management is a reputable MBA program that is available around the state for students seeking to advance their careers. This accelerated MBA program is one of the fastest online MBA business courses that offer convenience in the online setting and the possibility of taking numerous courses concurrently.

Nonetheless, those seeking to pursue their careers through the University of Arizona’s easiest online MBA program have the option of advancing their degree at the optimal speed. All required digital books and course materials are also included in its pricing, lowering the student’s additional expenses. The AACSB oversees this online business school credential and the same faculty, who teach in the regular course, will also instruct in this online MBA program.

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5. University of Texas – Graduate College of Business and Technology

The Graduate College of Business and Technology by the University of Texas offers an accelerated online MBA with specializations in Quality Management, Fuel, and Energy, Organizational Development, Engineering Management, Marketing, Health Administration, and Cyber Security. Unfortunately, this online MBA program is more expensive than the usual program, with a minimum tuition cost of just over $30,000. However, by drawing on their expertise, perspectives, and management expertise, the program’s creators aim to give students an opportunity to gain business leadership capability in a market that is becoming more complicated and competitive with time.

The comprehensive and extensive course gives online learners an exceptional chance to learn about the key components of conducting business across cultures in a highly competitive market. The comprehensive and extensive course gives online learners an exceptional chance to learn about the key components of conducting business across cultures in a highly competitive market. Online MBA students have the choice of speeding up their education with seven-week semesters or finishing their studies in sixteen-week semesters. Students who follow quick degree programs can complete their degrees in just one year.

6. Cleveland State University – Monte Ahuja College of Business

­ Another fastest-growing and highly regarded MBA program available online today is Cleveland State University’s accelerated online MBA program. Recent alumni of this program have discovered that their low tuition costs have reduced their overall student loan, and their employment rate within six months after obtaining their degree is over 70%, either for advancement or a new job.

Due to its outstanding program, the online business school of Cleveland State University has earned AACSB certification. With the freedom to learn at their own speed, many students are able to finish their degrees in as little as a year. Besides the program’s semester fee, the all-general price offers students fees that also cover textbooks and supplies very affordably.

7. Brenau University – School of Business

The Brenau University’s School of Business also offers an online MBA that not only has an online structure but also gives students an opportunity to finish the course in less than a year. Some of the course works for this program include Project Management, Strategic Planning and Development, Cross-Cultural Business Risks, Administrative Leadership, Financial Management, and Financial Planning for Managers. 

Being ranked as one of the best and easiest online MBA programs, the primary financial, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship accounting concepts that are necessary for a postgraduate analytics degree are said to be the major subjects of this program. Remote learners enrolled in core degree programs should anticipate a careful balance between practical and theoretical approaches.

Brenau University has national accreditation from the SACSCC. The institution launched its online program in 2002 and now has 2,932 students enrolled in associate’s through doctoral-level programs. Moreover, Brenau University offers distant learners one alternative in the form of its quick-paced general online MBA. Students can complete their degrees if they are more interested in adding a specialization.

8. Saint Joseph’s University – Erivan K. Haub School of Business

The Erivan K. Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University offers the easiest online MBA program with courses in general business.  With this program, the business school focuses on developing the leadership and management skills of both present and future business experts while also fostering a sincere concern for the social, ethical, and cultural aspects of today’s worldwide society. The cornerstones of excellent education, a compelling curriculum, and the leadership commitment to service and research will help these important ideals come to fruition.

The duration of the entire program will vary depending on the student’s prior academic status, professional background, and chosen specializations for this online MBA. This online MBA program is regarded as pricey with a total tuition cost of more than $55,000. However, flexibility is key, as students have the option of accelerating their education and earning their degree in only one year. It’s quite beneficial to have the choice of enrolling in classes full-time, part-time, on-campus, or entirely online.

9. California Baptist University – School of Business

The online accelerated MBA in General Management program at California Baptist University offers a curriculum at an expedited speed. This program enables students to complete their degree more quickly, in just one year, while also gaining general managerial expertise that can be applied across many sectors of the economy.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs has granted California Baptist University its seal of approval. According to the most recent accrediting review, more than 75% of students excelled in basic business knowledge and exceeded academic objectives. In the online Fully Employed MBA in General Management program, more than 70% of alumni were able to finish their degree in 12 months, and more than 60% found a raise or a new position with a better wage within six months of degree completion.

10. Carson-Newman University – Adult and Graduate Studies

Online MBA programs from Carson-Newman University combine quality and convenience. In the Adult and Graduate Studies program, students can additionally specialize their education in Leadership, HRM, Operations Management, Sports Management, or as a general MBA without a major. Yet, students who choose a major can add merely two classes to the curriculum and go deeper into a particular field of study. Whereas, the general online MBA program comprises 10 classes. The learning objectives of this business school include a student’s proficiency in the core disciplines of marketing, organizational strategy, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, business law, IT, and leadership.

Additionally, this program prepared students to properly communicate, enhance their critical and problem-solving abilities, and efficiently implement strong business principles in a variety of organizations. The length of time it takes a student to accomplish this easiest online MBA degree varies on numerous factors. An expedited course plan will enable remote learners to complete their degree in 11 to 16 months.

Is Getting an MBA Online Worth it?

If you wonder, is getting an MBA online worth it?  The answer is probably Yes!  Professionals, who are currently employed in the corporate sector and other industries, want to further their studies to get qualified for executive and administration roles. These students can keep working at their everyday jobs while pursuing an online accelerated MBA in a high-speed format. Notwithstanding, the program’s rapid pace, students can still develop their managerial skill sets as they advance to more administrative and executive roles in their careers.

The easiest online MBA programs are created to give students a full and comprehensive online education, enabling them to complete their degrees at their own speed. Students can enroll in numerous sessions during each session in many of the top accelerated MBA programs offered online, speeding up their ability to finish the degree within just 12 months. These online programs help students advance within their present organizations or develop their market value so they can find higher-paying jobs once they graduate.

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