10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Adults

So, you might be looking to expand your knowledge and enhance your skill through a quick way. Well, YouTube could be one of the most effective learning platforms for adults and students. YouTube isn’t used for entertainment purposes only, but it is considered as the best visual means of learning something quickly.

Not every YouTube channel is filled with absurd activities. In fact, there are a number of educational YouTube channels for adults that help them inculcate the latest information to their minds and gain knowledge.

However, if you are one of those adults or students who seek to learn something useful via YouTube, you’re on the right site.

Here, we’ve enlisted ten best educational YouTube channels that will help you gain useful information and make you smarter.

10 Best Adult Channels for Learning from YouTube

The enlisted YouTube channels below are not only flown with how-to-do videos but also include lectures on contemporary matters. You can simply use YouTube as a learning tool and subscribe to these channels that would help you learn about creativity, science, math, history, and tech, and make you a better learner.

1. Ted Ed

You’ve probably heard of Ted Talks; the TED-Ed project, TED’s educational initiative, creates shareable and brief video lectures for students and instructors.  It honors the thoughts of educators and learners everywhere.

The educational films on Ted-Ed have been deliberately chosen to promote learning. They put a lot of effort into producing high-quality content, which results in their unique and imaginative videos.

The majority of the videos include excellent instructors and animators working together seamlessly.  A team of illustrators works on the channel to bring useful knowledge to life. Additionally, it enables students and teachers to adapt any TED Talk or YouTube video into a curriculum that centers on the subjects covered.

In addition to this, the viewers can access and share the courses in public or in private, depending on their intended usage. The future of education lies in TED-Ed. The channel currently has a staggering 16.6M subscribers.

Ted Ed allows everyone to access and watch videos for learning from YouTube.

2. Numberphile

Numberphile is another channel on YouTube for education, which is devoted to all mathematical things. This channel was started in 2011 and is led by Brady Haran and primarily focuses on Dr. James Grime, a mathematician at the University of Nottingham.

Presently, this channel has more than 4.07 million subscribers. Dr. Brady Haran and other math experts deliver their lectures on this channel.

In collaboration with Dr. James Grime, a mathematician, Brady created a number of videos about prime numbers. They created further lectures on additional math concepts when it became an instantaneous smash.

Mathematicians on infinite rational numbers to complex numbers are interviewed by Haran. And here’s the thing: They actually manage to entertain and engage its viewers. In Numberphile, each episode has a hook that attracts you straight away, whether it’s a question like “What’s your favorite number?” or an explanation of how math is being used by researchers to forecast the next zombie epidemic.

3. Simple History

A clear explanation of history can be found on this educational YouTube channel for adults, Simple History. Daniel Turner, an incredibly passionate person about producing history quickly and amusingly, is the owner of this channel.  His love for world history was evident in the videos he produced, and his audience responded well to them.

The first video on this channel, “WW1 In Color,” received 21 million views. He then made numerous other videos, including those about the American Civil War, the Roman Empire, and WW2 in 1.

The most watched video on the channel is “World War 1 Explained,” which is a 15-minute long video that concisely teaches everything to know about World War 1. However, there are approximately 3.8 million subscribers to this channel.

Simple History is becoming more recognized as its viewers find it more entertaining to learn about historical incidents by viewing short animated films rather than by reading books.

4. National Geographic

Who doesn’t know about the National Geographic channel? A highly well-known and reputable educational publication with a lengthy history.

For more than a century, they have been teaching people about geography and wildlife, making it so much more than just a magazine.

Numerous films on the National Geographic YouTube channel are informative and intended to give you a fascinating peek into some of the most amazing locations on earth.  Additionally, these videos can be used in the classroom as well.

Videos related to wildlife, education, adventure, ecosystem, travel, and culture can be found on the National Geographic YouTube channel. These videos are excellent for acquiring new knowledge or for conducting research.

National Geographic offers the best videos and content for educational use.  Thousands of clips are available on a variety of subjects. You can get amazing videos that are entertaining to watch and are also quite informative. Some of these videos can also be used for student’s activities and assessments in the online class.

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5. Smarter Everyday

Smarter Everyday is one of the most popular educational YouTube channels.  Destin Sandlin, a professional engineer and an aerospace scientist with more than 10.3 million subscribers, is in charge of it.

Destin enjoys using his videos to educate people about science and technology. He also enjoys problem-solving and uses his scientific expertise to try some spectacular activities, such as flying only when the sun is rising, where there is always daylight above the clouds, or to travel around the world in less than 80 days.

But the channel covers more than simply science. It strives to make learning about anything and everything, from the mechanics of human spaceflight to how phantom limb syndrome functions, enjoyable and simple for everybody.

A new generation of prominent scientific Channels on YouTube has emerged in recent years, and Smarter Everyday is one of them. It’s simple to comprehend why Smarter Everyday and its competitors have become so popular since they’re fun and make difficult concepts simple.

6. Minute Physics

Minute Physics was launched in 2010 by Henry Reich on YouTube. The goal of the channel is to quickly and simply communicate some of the most wonderful things we know about the universe to anyone, everywhere.

The videos on the platform are usually animated. You can view its programs, which frequently include hand-drawn animation and simple visuals. The length of each video varies, but most of them are made with the goal of imparting scientific information in about five minutes.

The channel also produces videos on allied scientific subjects like astronomy, global warming, ecology, and arithmetic in addition to its physics-related content. There are also videos produced addressing common myths about science.

7. Big Think

Big Think is an educational YouTube channel for adults that seeks to provide answers to the most important issues in life. It has more than 3.69 million subscribers, and millions of viewers. The opinions of newscasters and life influencers in the fields of science, education, technology, business, politics, and culture were featured on Big Think.

Big Think is a global YouTube channel where professionals talk about new concepts and breakthroughs every day and share their opinions on business, literature, power, science, and global diplomacy.

The channel’s slogan is “Ideas worth spreading,” which is dedicated to providing top-notch content that entertains and enlightens our varied sense of curiosity.

8. Vox

Vox is a general entertainment news website. Its founders, Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias, and Melissa Bell, introduced the idea of explanatory storytelling in its founding. The purpose of this channel is straightforward: to explain the news on topics like politics, policy making, international affairs, modern culture, science, business, and even sports.

This channel aims to help viewers advance from wonder to comprehension. The news is made simple in Vox’s videos, which also provide viewers with context and insight. They provide a novel viewpoint on both widely discussed events and narratives that you may not have known you should be discussing.

9. Edutopia

George Lucas, a well-known film director, launched Edutopia in 2007 with the goal of enhancing K–12 education. His method of advancing education in that direction was Edutopia. A nonprofit organization dedicated to education, Edutopia creates groundbreaking unique videos and distributes it to millions of teachers, parents, and students. They actively participate in discussions on how technology might affect schooling.

Over the past decade, there has been a huge change in the education system, and Edutopia is there to inform you what’s effective and what isn’t, so you can assist your students to achieve. With over 111K members and over 23 Million users, this website offers a variety of videos on many different subjects, with a focus on project-based learning techniques.

10. CGP Grey

CGP Grey is another educational YouTube channel for adults specifically. The videos are professionally made and frequently highly humorous, with a British humor touch.

CGP Grey does not aim to be amusing for the sake of being entertaining, in contrast to some other instructional media. Instead, it looks for creative methods for making the information enjoyable.

The videos often concentrate on a specific subject to address a variety of topics. However, many of the videos use simple graphics or animated images to help convey the concepts they are discussing. Various complex ideas that would be challenging to visualize without animation or graphic representation benefit the most from this channel.

Final Words

Essentially, more and more people are now turning towards YouTube learning and that is why YouTube is becoming one of the most streaming online platforms. It allows people worldwide to learn different things on multiple subjects and topics. You can find these amazing educational YouTube channels for adults that include short lectures to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. So, if you’re looking to gain information about anything, don’t forget to subscribe to these channels.

People Also Ask

Is YouTube for education effective?

Absolutely! Students love to watch informative videos on YouTube because they not only help them understand complicated concepts but improve their listening skills as well. Besides, YouTube allows many teachers to focus on students’ learning skills instead of racking their brains with them in explaining hard concepts.

How does YouTube help me study?

There are millions of interesting things available on YouTube that you can learn. However, through YouTube educational channels, you can improve your critical thinking skills, enhance your mental mathematics skills, concentrate on your writing skills, and understand scientific theories.

Which YouTube channel is best for learning the English language?

YouTube is filled with channels that teach you the English language. You can subscribe to any of these channels. Some most reliable and renowned channels to learn English are BBC Learning English, Rachel’s English, English Class 101, etc.

Which new skills can I learn through YouTube?

YouTube is a full-stack online platform through which you can build new skills and develop existing abilities visually. You can learn about how to google things smartly, how to meditate, learn new card and board games, and how to tie knots in different styles.