Google Classroom for Students: Evolution of Better Learning

Did you know that back in 2017, approximately 15 million students in the US were found using Google Classroom, which has been increased to 35 million students by 2022? Well, COVID-19 has encouraged a lot of students and instructors to move into the digital world, whether it’s about education, business, or anything.

However, before the pandemic, Google Classroom was only used by a few students, instructors, and institutes only; usually, those organizations that only offer online education. But now, a considerable number of students, instructors, and even stakeholders are found using this platform to achieve their goals.

Therefore, if you are new to using online platforms, this article is explicitly written for you, in which you’ll get to know everything about Google Classroom for students and its significant features.

What is Google Classroom for Students?

Google Classroom is a free online learning platform acquired by Google. Here, students and teachers conduct and take online classes, lectures, and sessions. Students share their assignments, and homework, and take their quizzes in digital form through this online forum. Google Classroom for students has made it pretty effortless to interact with their teachers. However, students utilize Google Suite services to complete their academic tasks such as Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

So, this was all about what is Google Classroom for students. But, you must be wondering who can use Google Classroom other than students and teachers.

Fundamentally, Google Classroom can be used by anyone holding a Google account. Not only teachers and students, but institutes using G Suite for academic purposes, independent educators, administrators, home-schoolers, non-profits, and other organizations are eligible to use Google Classroom. Yet, the learners and instructors are considered the primary users of this platform.

What does Google Classroom do?

Google Classroom lies between Google Drive and its users to provide them with a friendly use for managing and organizing your documents. Well, Google Classroom is more teacher-centered instead of learners. Still, it helps students to achieve a number of benefits.

Student-Teacher Collaboration

While taking virtual classes, Google Classroom is a great way for students to interact with their teachers. Students are allowed to comment on the assignments and announcements that teachers created along with emailing their teachers through the classroom interface.

Assignment Notifications

Google Classroom has made online assignments and homework more efficient. When your teacher creates a new assignment, you would immediately receive a notification through email. Moreover, you can ‘turn in’ the assignment, once you are done, the teacher will be notified instantly. In the case of MCQs, you may get your grades right away after the submission.

Download Classroom Materials

If your teacher has added any documents to the assignment, you can download them for the future. In addition, you can save sheets and slides in your Google Drive and access them later.

Student’s Guide to Setup Google Classroom

In order to use Google Classroom for students, it is crucial to first create a google account. No other account such as yahoo or Microsoft won’t work to access this online platform. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned underneath to get started with Google Classroom.

Note: Make sure that you have all the permissions to set up a Google Classroom from your instructor or organization’s end.

First of all, open your search engine and type “”. make sure you have signed in to your Google Account which is added by your teacher.

You’ll enter the classroom dashboard where you can add classes. Click on the + sign on the top right and select “join class.”

Now, you’ll be shown a new page with a blank field asking for “class code” that your teacher might have shared with you. Enter the code to successfully access the class.

You can now see all the assignments, announcements, and other class details in your Google Classroom.

You can access Google Classroom from multiple search engines including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and so on. Moreover, Google Classroom can be accessed on laptops, tablets, and smartphones (android and iOS).

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4 Stunning Features of Google Classroom for Student Success

With a substantial surge in Google Classroom, it has been seen hitting a huge mark of up to 150 Million users. Google has put an effort to diminish students’ academic struggles through Google Classroom, which they can easily join using the class code.

On this online platform, students can see their assignments, homework, quizzes, and even final exams and complete and submit them hassle-freely.

Check out some outstanding Google Classroom features for students, which have made their digital academic life easier.

Helps Students with Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a fantastic Google Classroom integration, which is used to schedule classes, meetings, and announcements with students and their parents. Once the teacher has scheduled any task on Google Classroom, the students will automatically be notified in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Private Feedback

While using Google Classroom, students do not need to be concerned about their privacy and confidentiality. Students can send their feedback or ask any question to their teachers, and it will remain private to them and their teacher. Concisely, Google Classroom resolves the problems between the instructor and the learner without involving anyone.

Live Meetings and Classes

Another most advanced feature of Google Classroom allows you to take live classes remotely via Google Meets. Google meets can join up to 100 participants in a live meeting. Each session goes for one hour. It allows your instructor to record the lecture, so that the students who might have missed the class, access these lectures later on. These live classes work as a bridge for teacher-student interaction. Learners can simply ask questions and share their problems with their instructors in live meetings.

Notes and Documents in Soft Form

Gone are the days when students had to bring notebooks and pens to take notes. Now, these books and documents are accessible in a soft form that is easily portable, quickly savable, and readable at any time.

Students do not have to note down the whole lecture on paper and exhaust themselves. The lectures and study materials are already saved in one place and students are allowed to download them to their Drive. These documents are available in the form of Google docs and sheets. These materials enable students to read them instead of frequently writing the whole lecture.

Benefits of Google Classroom to Students

Being a free and independent online learning platform, Google Classroom delivers a number of benefits to its students as well as teachers. Below is a checklist of some amazing advantages of Google Classroom for students explicitly.

Simple and User-Friendly

Google Classroom is a very simple and easy-to-use platform that can be accessed through mobile and computer via any search engine. All files and documents uploaded by teachers and students are automatically saved in Google Drive and you can conveniently access them anytime. So, whether or not you have your personal mobile or laptop, just log in to your account on any device and access your classroom.

Effortless Digital Communication

With its inbuilt tools, the communication between teachers and students is easy-peasy. Students can send emails to their instructors, complete their assignments, and submit them without any hassle. In order to communicate, students can leave private comments and feedback to their teachers.

Discoverability Opportunities

Google Classroom helps students discover a new kind of digital learning. A lot of educational institutes are offering pure online learning systems and provide students with an opportunity to access Google Classroom for an innovative modification in the higher education system.

No Paper Hassle

Students do not have to hassle with managing a lot of documents and notes in paper form because this digital learning is completely paperless. When your teacher uploads an assignment or any writing materials, you can immediately save them to your Drive in the form of soft google docs. Another benefit is that if you’ve missed any lecture, you can still access these notes.

Save Student’s Time

Google Classroom is a great timesaver. With all its tools and features, you can get everything on one page. Whether you have to complete your assignment, communicate with your teacher, or take your exam, you won’t have to visit separate platforms for each task. Moreover, you can access Google Classroom through your smartphones as well.

Free of Cost

The most important thing that most students are concerned with; Google Classroom for students is absolutely free of cost. It doesn’t require a single penny. All you need to do is to create your Google account and you will access all Google Classroom features.

Final Words

More than 150 Million students and instructors have acquired Google Classroom as an online learning platform. You would get multiple advanced features of Google Classroom along with several benefits. Google Classroom for students is integrated with various simple interfaces such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides that automatically save to your Drive. Google Classroom helps you organize your files without any struggle or requiring papers. These integrations of Google Classroom make your learning environment comfortable and convenient.

People Also Ask

How do students join a Google Classroom?

Joining Google Classroom for students is extremely easy. You only need to make a Google account and visit the classroom by clicking on the waffle symbol on the top right. There, you need to enter the class code and access your classroom for a specific course.

Do students need a Gmail for Google Classroom?

You usually don’t need to enable your Gmail to use Google Classroom. Yet, if you haven’t enabled your Gmail, you and your instructor may not send or receive emails from each other. For this, you can enable Drive notifications to remain informed about the updates.

Can parents view Google Classroom?

Parents cannot access and view students’ Google Classroom or any of its parts. They can only access it directly through a student’s Google Account.

How do students find due dates and grades on Google Classroom?

Students will find new assignments along with their due dates directly when they visit their classroom. The grades can be seen once the teachers have returned them to the students after evaluation. You will also be notified through email.

Is it necessary to have an internet connection while working on Google Classroom?

No! Students can either work offline on Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides by clicking on “Make Recent Files Offline” and save them offline.

Can I access the assignments of other students in Classroom?

Yes! When your classmates share their assignments in response to the announcement post, these files can be viewed by you and other students well.

Can students have an online discussion with their teachers on Google Classroom?

Students and teachers can use Google Hangouts to conduct a live discussion through video on Google Classroom.

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