Google Internships for Students: A Detailed Guide for You!

Google is considered as one of the largest sites to work globally. However, the program of Google internships prepares a fresh engineer or exceptional project manager for the fruitful future along with a decent amount to earn.

Due to this reason, this platform receives millions of applications each year from different students worldwide. But, it’s not easy to become a Google intern.

So, the question is, how to get an internship at Google? If you are one of those applicants who look forward to getting Google student internships, here’s a complete guide for you.

How to Get an Internship at Google?

For a lot of students, doing internships at Google is like their dream has been fulfilled. Since Google has been continuously ranked at top of the list and best place to work. In the Fortune 100’s list of best companies, Google has ranked at number one for six times.

Being one of the largest firms all across the world, the hiring criteria is pretty tough. Thus, it is quite challenging to be offered an internship at Google.

Nonetheless, if you follow a stepwise procedure of application, you will be more likely to get an internship at Google.

Modify your Resume

The first step in customizing your résumé is to make a list of all the things you have achieved in your academic and professional careers. Then include this information into the background portions of a CV. Don’t forget to take into account any extracurricular activities you have engaged in, such as volunteer work, academic awards, or pursuits related to the internship.  In order to make your individuality and technical talents pop off the page, ensure to highlight your hobbies and distinctiveness in your resume.

You should try to provide particular measurable data, stats, and numbers under each employment position you’ve occupied, as relevant and practicable. These are a vast improvement over a list of ambiguous duties.

Use the internship job overview as a guide so that you may customize your CV to the internship’s criteria. Finding relevant keywords and incorporating them into your document will also guarantee that Google will accept your submission.

Therefore, irrespective of the area of internship position you are looking for, make sure your resume is customized for the position and that it adheres to the specifications listed in the job posting.

Build Connection on Google

Now, you’ve customized your résumé and completed the application for an internship position. It demonstrates your expertise and your capacity to effectively add worth. The process’s initial stage is finished.

Now comes the challenging part. Nearly every online site, including Google itself, stresses how crucial it is to acquire references from existing Google employees. Connect with someone on LinkedIn, talk to people in your personal and professional networks, and communicate directly with anyone who is employed at Google, even if they are your distant relative or a friend of a friend.

There are many people who have obtained positions at Google without obtaining a referral, therefore it is not a requirement in all cases. However, the reason you are reading this is because you want to become prominent, and a recommendation will do just that.

Find a Google employee who performs the tasks you want them to do by asking someone in your circle who they know at Google. Inform them that you are seeking employment at Google and entering their field of work. Never be afraid to ask someone for guidance or if they have time for a brief Video Chat conversation so you can hear about their experience. People who enjoy their occupations are often eager to chat with others about them.

Submit the Application

You’ve established some contacts and have a strong CV. It’s now time to submit an application for Google internships. You can do this b y accessing Google’s jobs page, locating the internship you’re qualified in, and applying to it.  Complete the application and attach your resume and academic transcript in the form of PDF. If your institution is listed with Google, you might be able to apply straight through it.

The majority of Google application forms are easy and quick to complete. Yet, you must pay close attention to each detail and use all of your skills to complete your application.

Get Ready for the Interview

Once you have submitted all the required documents, the Google employment team will assess your application, transcripts, and recommendations from existing Google employees. You’ve worked on some amazing projects, met the Google roommate of your cousin’s bestie, who signed a recommendation for you, and as a result, you received the call for the initial interview.

The next step varies, depending on the role you are looking for, but generally speaking, you will have a sequence of interviews over the phone, through video call, or in person. A Google online interview is typically the first step in the recruiting process for Google interns. This will cover basic methods and techniques for 30 to 60 minutes.

Preparation is key. You’ll be required to create a Google document with roughly 30 lines of technical points that you can share with the interviewer. The majority of questions asked during later interviews and interviews for various professions are behavioral, theoretical, and specific instances. Visit Google’s detailed guide for tech roles.

Nevertheless, some of the most common interview questions asked for Google internships are:

  • What do you know about Google?
  • Let us know something about yourself that is not mentioned in your resume.
  • Describe a non-Google service or product you like. How could it be improved? How can it be promoted differently? What tactics would you utilize?
  • If you got 100 million dollars, what would you do?
  • How did you conquer the challenges you encountered in your academic life?
  • Are you an independent or a team person?
  • Which of your expertise sets the best for this position and why?

Make sure to prepare good answers to such questions to stand out in the interview.

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Make your Social Media Flawless

Make sure your internet presence is as professional and “on brand” as feasible.  Look at the results when you Google yourself. Consider yourself to be “public” on your social media pages, and delete or hide any content you wouldn’t want other people to view.

This may include pictures, posts, or other content that may cause a recruiter to oppress.  It’s a good idea to get a second view by having a friend check over your profiles. They might notice things that you might have missed.

­­Tips to Get Prepared for Google Internship Interview

Mastering interviews for Google student internships is not a simple task, but it requires lots of practice and preparation. You can execute these steps to pass your Google internship interview like a piece of a cake:

Go Through Past Interviews

You cannot anticipate the questions that will be put to you during interviews. You may study a variety of topics that were asked in previous Google interviews. You can have a good notion of what to expect from this.

Practice Mock Interviews

You might have anxiety before appearing for a Google interview because of the firm’s size and reach. Due to this, your performance may suffer if you are very tense during your interviews. Preparing for mock interviews is the most effective strategy to reduce anxiety and boost confidence before interacting with a hiring manager.

Seek Google Expert Advice

Consultation with a Google-experienced interview guide might be quite helpful if you genuinely want to prepare as much as possible for your interview. These advisors can assist in conducting practice interviews, giving you an inside peek into the Google hiring procedure, and offering helpful criticism of your work.

Google Internship Programs for Students

Google offers three main programs to students for internships that are categorized based on different roles. These programs include:

  • BOLD Program
  • STEP Program
  • APM Program

BOLD Program

BOLD stands for Build Opportunities for Leadership and Development, which is specified for students with marketing, business, and sales. Students that join the BOLD program at Google have the option of joining teams in a variety of disciplines, including sales, marketing, and people operations. With the help of actual Google employees, they can help the internet giant address its business difficulties.

The job that BOLD interns do is essential to the business. Additionally, the range and extent of their obligation may differ. Some interns can discover themselves immersed in the daily tasks of a full-time Googler. Others can be assigned a solitary lengthy assignment to work on for the duration of their internship.

Beyond the projects associated with their internships, BOLD students have access to a variety of academic and career advancement opportunities within the organization. The platform also supports the personal and professional development of its interns and Googlers.

Across the academic year, BOLD interns have access to a variety of coaching and mentoring programs, leadership seminars, and team-building activities to help them network with other Google employees.

STEP Program

Another Google student internship program is STEP, Student Training in Engineering Program, that obviously demonstrates that it is specifically designed for students with engineering background. Amongst hundreds of biggest tech firms, Google STEP is the favorite of many students.

The goal of this program is to provide undergraduate students of 1st and 2nd year, who are interested in engineering careers with a training opportunity. However, providing opportunities to college students from formerly overlooked groups in the field is a primary priority of this internship program.

Through this program, students can work on software projects alongside other STEP interns and Google permanent employees. A STEP intern may then more effectively combine their theoretical knowledge with real-world engineering experience.

APM Program

Last but not least: APM stands for Associate Product Manager program, where students can help improve the brand narrative of the company as well as product marketing managers within the company. This program is acquired by students with an academic background in history, art, English literature, and economics etc.

Nevertheless, APM interns will require a strong enthusiasm for technology and taking speculative investments regardless of their school background.  Students who join Google as APMMs will be among a broad community of cutting-edge marketing experts.

The administration of the Google trademark is primarily the responsibility of the product marketing team as a whole. As a result, APM interns will contribute to the advancement of strategic projects while developing as marketers.

The two tasks that APM interns play during their internships are distinct. This might involve business promotion and product branding. In the end, the key role of an APMM at Google, whether an intern or not, is to show how Google services actually offer useful solutions to current problems.

Google Internship Benefits

Google offers numerous learning and training programs in numerous areas. Fortunately, if you get hired as a Google intern, you would experience following perks and benefits:

a. High Wage

The high income offered by the world’s leading software firm is one of the benefits of employment there. The biggest incentives are provided to students in university postings, and the median intern gets about $5800 per month in those positions. This often costs three to five times as much as packages provided by other companies.

b. Medical and Travel Insurance

Each of the company’s staff, as well as their families, are covered by health and travel insurance. When you have a good income and other advantages that go above your expectations, what more do you need to be an employee? The organization makes an effort to meet all of the needs of its interns, and the knowledge and skills you receive from working there will help you become a better person in the future.

c. Travel Allowance

A Googler receives a variety of perks in addition to their compensation, including full reimbursement for all travel and lodging expenses. For instance, the business offers transportation service, and bikes can be leased for a short or long period of time for daily commuting.

d. Regular Trips

The business often sends its employees on vacations for fun and learning opportunities. Some examples of the extra benefits of interning for Google include movies, hiking, and dinners. This enterprise also puts interns for in-house roles once they complete their internships, making it the best on the list in this regard.

Google Intern Salary: A Google Intern Earns More than you

According to the survey of, the salary of an average software engineer intern at Google in 2022 is approximately $43 per hour. In addition to this, a housing stipend of $9,000 is also offered to the residents of San Francisco.

Wrapping Up

So, what is a Google student internship and how much do Google interns earn?  Do you wish to intern at Google? The key to success towards Google internship is having a thorough understanding of Google’s services and products. Also, once you’ve mastered Google internship interviews, practice answering typical interview questions so you can remain composed and be able to relate your personal experience in an engaging manner.

When you determine that you want to apply for an internship, start getting ready for the interview. Do not hold off until you actually receive the interview invitation. Other than this, consider this procedure from their point of view. Why would they hire you?

People Also Ask

What documents are required to apply for Google internships?

When you visit the official site of Google careers, you can look into the job description of each field. However, an application form must include an updated resume and a bachelor’s transcript.

What is the overall procedure of an interview?

When you submit the application for Google internship, your data will be sent to the recruiting team for review. This information is analyzed to determine your expertise and skills. Then the recruiting team reaches you for an online interview. A series of interviews will be conducted through different means.

Am I supposed to travel for Google internship interviews?

Not really! Usually, Google conducts online interviews or over-the-phone calls. In case of an onsite interview, you will be provided with a travel allowance.

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