Google Jamboard: An Innovative Digital Way to Learn Online

Chalkboards or whiteboards have been considered a central part of a classroom for eras. They are amazing at collecting and putting down the ideas and notions in one place and illustrating them to the rest of the class. Even today, many physical classes use whiteboards to demonstrate abstract ideas to the students.

But, the trend of such classes has gone and online classes have taken place. Still, a different kind of board is used in online classes as well, known as Google Jamboard. It is a physical device which is recognized as a digital whiteboard for learning and teaching purposes.

Never heard of Google Jamboard? This article is for you.

Here, you’ll explore everything about Google Jamboard features, how to use them, and how it works. Stay tuned and connect with us till the end.

What is Google Jamboard?

It is an online tool that enables its users to present, organize, and demonstrate the information through text, images, shapes, and drawings. Jamboard is considered as a digital or virtual whiteboard, that allows its users to write, draw, and erase just like a standard physical board. However, it includes numerous features that are collaborated with each other on Jamboard. So, whether you log in to your Google Jamboard from any device, you won’t lose your stuff.

As per a survey in 2020, approximately 1.8 billion active Google accounts have access to Google Jamboard globally.

In addition to this, different users can collaborate on Google Jamboard from separate devices that makes it a community-centered tool. However, almost 50 different Google accounts can be added in a single Jamboard as a collaborator. Jamboard improves the candidates of google classroom by letting them to portray their thinking and learning visually. It not only helps students but teachers as well to acquire knowledge on their students about what they are understanding.

The Four Versatile Features of Google Jamboard you can Use

This online tool allows students to add images, write and highlight text, place sticky notes, and whatnot. Yet, if you have a physical Google Jamboard, it also allows you to share jams from one device to another easily.

Below are some amazing Google Jamboard features that take a student’s academic experience to the next level.

1. Sticky Notes

The sticky notes feature is an incredible way to keep your ideas and points organized. For instance, while taking an online class, some questions and points may come to your mind that you want to ask your teacher later. So, in order not to let them skip from your mind, you can instantly note them down on a sticky note. Other than this, if your teacher asks for feedback at the end of the class, you can write it for later purposes.

Jamboard Sticky Notes can be used:

  • Open the Google Jamboard on your device and select the PLUS sign to create a new jam.
  • Check the toolbar, which will be on the bottom of the screen if you’re using mobile or on the left of the screen if you’re on the desktop or laptop, choose the sticky note icon.
  • A sticky note will be previewed on your screen. Type the text you want to write. You can also change the color of your sticky note from the above options.
  • Once you have noted the things down, click on save.
  • You can also edit your text by double-clicking or selecting edit option and save it as well.

You can move your sticky notes anywhere within the jam frame.

2. Highlighter

The highlighter tool is another amazing thing in Google Jamboard that allows students to highlight any kind of material on the jam including text, images, and even sticky notes. You can highlight things so that you can pay more attention to important things. Highlighting is useful to point out crucial points out of multiple things.

You can use Jamboard highlighter:

  • On the left side, in the toolbar select pen. Once you have selected a pen , click on it again and multiple options will pop out.
  • Select the highlighter icon from the menu bar and choose a color of your wish.
  • Now, highlight anything to put emphasis on it.

3. Laser Pointer

If you are using Google Jamboard during a live session, online class, or giving a presentation, the laser pointer is super convenient. This tool enables students to emphasize on something they are talking about. When you use a laser pointer, it draws a line and vanishes after a second.

Laser pointer can be used:

  • From the toolbar on the left side, select the laser bar icon.
  • Draw wherever you want to put the laser.
  • A line will be drawn and vanished in a few seconds.
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4. Illustrations

Describe your points through illustrations and visuals to add more flavor to your presentations in Google Jamboard. You can use images, diagrams, icons, and a lot of stuff directly from your device or search it online. This is an incredible way to demonstrate an incomprehensible and dry topic in an exciting and convenient manner.

Use images as following:

  • From the toolbar, select the image icon.
  • You can either insert an image from the desktop or search the image online.
  • To search images within the Jamboard, enter the keyword and get the results.
  • The Google image search isn’t available in mobile Jamboard.

How Does Google Jamboard Work?

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard, where you can write, draw, and erase anything with the help of your fingertips, stylus, touchpad, or mouse points. Nonetheless, Google offers two products to use Jamboard; Google Jamboard device and cloud-based Jamboard application on Google workspace.

You can hassle-freely import files to your Google workspace from Jamboard such as images, documents, sheets, slides, maps, or any other file. Users of Jamboard can access Google Jamboard from any device.

Furthermore, the physical Google Jamboard device comes with a display, eraser, a wall mount, and two styluses.

How to Use Google Jamboard?

Google Jamboard can be used in both synchronous and asynchronous classrooms. Jamboard is used to breakthrough innovative ideas between students in a synchronous classroom. It involves engaging activities and games to make students interactive with one another. However, in an asynchronous classroom, Jamboard is used to visualize ideas and concepts while taking the lectures, collaborate irregular intervals, and share ideas.

Using a Jamboard tool from your personal device is pretty beneficial and convenient because of its interactive features as mentioned above. According to a professor at GSE, Google Jamboard allows its users for more creative ideas regarding illustrating and understanding concepts beyond a piece of paper.

Anyhow, a stepwise guide is given below to help you use Google Jamboard:

  • In your search engine, type Or, you can search it by clicking on the waffle on the top right.
  • If you have not created your Google account, then create a new account or sign in.
  • Once you have reached the Jamboard page, you’ll see a blank board.
  • Create a new jam by clicking the + sign in the bottom right.
  • A new jam will be open on your screen. From the toolbar on the side, you can use numerous tools for different purposes.
  • Once you are done using your Jamboard, save and organize your Jamboard.

Benefits of Google Jamboard

Jamboard comes with numerous advantages that help students get an overwhelmed learning experience. One of the biggest benefits of Jamboard is that it is free of cost. Students do not need to access this online tool by paying nothing. All it requires is to create an account on Google.

Other benefits of Google Jamboard are mentioned below:

Effortless Remote Learning

Jamboard allows you to work together and arrange meetings simultaneously from different places. Using this digital board renders the sense of distance meaningless. Besides, the Jamboard makes it incredibly simple to transfer the whiteboard from the meeting space to the gadget in your backpack. It facilitates collaboration in a group session with the use of G suite, enhancing remote learning.

With the help of a smartphone, tablet, or PC, your members can quickly share ideas in real time across the globe with the help of the Jamboard. It does offer a smooth, unique, and interesting approach to organize and carry out projects in a teamwork setting, and that is something that cannot be denied.


All Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and photos from a cloud account are supported by smart boards, making them effortlessly accessible, modified, and shared on numerous pages using this network. The unique functionality of Google search and internet browsing increases the need for simultaneous research and organizational innovation.

Interactive Features

The remarkable aspect is the ability for users in numerous places to instantly collaborate digitally. Every entry on one Jamboard can be seen by everyone involved in the Jam session on thousands of other Jamboards, computers, and smartphones. People using those gadgets from the other side can likewise work on the exact same presented information.

The unique handwriting pen makes use of form recognition software as a clever immersive experience to tidy up sloppy handwriting. Instantaneously, the brush turns unintelligible writing into text that is simple to understand.

The Jamboard’s digital features, including its ability to import images and webpage screens, add icons and other symbols, and snap pictures with a built-in webcam, are by far its strongest suit.  The paramount feature is that Google frequently releases new upgrades to support the product’s continuous growth, ensuring that you don’t fall behind.


A proper name, email address, username, and password are necessary for setting up a Google account. The contact information can also be provided if you want to be able to regain your account in case you forget your password. Google keeps a careful eye on your searches, bookmarks, and location services when you create an account. The use of Google technologies for private uses is risky due to these fundamental data collection practices.

Nevertheless, Jamboard is a part of Google Workspace, a group of Google applications that include extra security precautions for academic uses. This contains built-in safeguards like preserving user data and total data openness. Even though Google is notoriously bad at protecting data, Google Workspace for Education takes extra security measures to protect student accounts for its suite of applications, which includes Jamboard.

Better Collaboration

The Jamboard enables teams to focus more on what they enjoy doing most: coming up with original ideas.  It increases the standard for encouraging intelligent learning and group collaboration. There is no limit to the number of individuals who can join a jam.

Anyone who has a G Suite account can participate in Jamboard, a convenient application for both Android and iOS devices. Users enter content from the web into a single platform that is continually being updated, sketching out ideas, attaching virtual sticky notes, and more. It could feel more private and collaborative to be able to watch your teammate writing on the board from a different location.


Jamboard is cleverly built with features that are already contemporary and cutting-edge, in many respects like a classic Google service. So, save your time and get started with Google Jamboard in an incredibly easy way. Why not give this surprisingly entertaining brilliant dynamic display tool a try? Hence, you can see how simple it is to cooperate and work toward accomplishing performance objectives right now, or at the very least sooner rather than later.

People Also Ask

What are pros and cons of Jamboard?

1. Easy collaboration.
2. Offers fascinating features.
3. Makes online learning hassle-free.
4. Safe and secure.
1. Does not add audio and video.
2. Cannot be used offline.

How is Jamboard different from Google Slides?

With Google Jamboard, the toolbar that contains all images, text, sticky notes, markers, and laser tools is accessible directly to the students. Yet, in Google Slides, you have to take some time to set it up, find the tools, and insert images or icons.

Is Google Jamboard free?

If you use the online Google Jamboard platform through your personal Google account, it would be absolutely free of cost. On the other hand, for Google Workspace for education customers, Jamboard apps start from $4,999 which provides one Jamboard, two styluses, one eraser, and a wall mount.

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