6 Finest Grammarly Alternatives to Write Flawlessly

Grammatical errors are somehow the most common issue among a lot of students whether they have to write an essay, assignment, or exam. On the other hand, grammar and punctuation are crucial aspects of writing since they are essentially responsible to convey the message in a clear manner to the reader. Not only this, writing grammatically-correct content allows readers to comprehend complex concepts hassle-freely.

These are a few reasons teachers give special attention to grammatical mistakes in the content. However, in order to avoid such blunders, students often use Grammarly to fix them and submit error-free assignments. However, many of them find this tool pretty unreliable. Therefore, they seek the best Grammarly alternatives that identify every error efficiently.

In this article, we have shortlisted the six best grammar checkers. They are good Grammarly alternatives that help you become a smart writer and end up composing a flawless piece of content.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an application or browser extension that spots spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in content and fixes these flaws through recommendations. It also has a plagiarism checker that is not found very impressive, while you need a paid version to get full access to the plagiarism report. It works in real-time on plenty of platforms such as WordPress, MS Word, Google Docs, and several social media forums. Although this software was invented as a free grammar assistant, its monthly subscription costs $25 per month.

How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly identifies grammatical errors by analyzing the context. However, it not only references the word-to-word text but also fixes sentence structure by utilizing the Grammarly AI system. In addition, it works beyond that. Grammarly also fixes the overall structure, vocabulary, precision, and fluency of the content. You can access Grammarly by installing its application or by adding an extension to Chrome.

Why Is There a Need for Grammarly Alternative?

Good Grammarly alternatives can identify every small spelling and grammar mistake. These errors could be anything, placement of commas, sentence style, and spelling. Besides, these Grammarly alternatives are AI-powered tools that utilize natural language procedures to make your content more fluent.

Write Like a Pro With These 6 Grammar Checkers

Below is the list of the six best Grammarly alternatives that are pretty reasonable to purchase. However, some of these tools also offer free use with pretty incredible features. In addition, each of these tools is explicitly designed for students, writers, journalists, instructors, authors, etc.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is the first in the Grammarly alternatives list because it offers almost similar features which is why it is highly comparable to Grammarly. You can select from a variety of writing formats, including blog posting, academic writing, business writing, and just general writing.

However, its Windows version is not free, but you can add it to the browser without paying anything. But this ought to satisfy your criteria for Facebook, Email, and WordPress. If you wish to integrate the grammar checker into an app, there are also some programming tools accessible.

It might be among the most user-friendly grammar checkers out there. Any text editor shows an indicator above certain faults. ProWritingAid ensures that the writing is original, free of clichés, and uses the proper word choices.

Subscription PlanPriceValidity
TrialFree14 days


  • This tool can be integrated with MS Word, Google Docs. Chrome, Gmail, and many apps.
  • Analyzes and corrects repeated and misspelled words
  • It supports both Windows and Mac devices
  • Allows you to download a report
  • Offers 20% discount to students
  • Suggests a number of synonyms to improve the content
  • Detects longer sentences and recommends correction
  • Shows scores of how easy your content is to read


  • Does not support smartphones
  • You may find its premium version extravagant
  • Does not support Firefox or Safari

2. JetPack

The user experience for Jetpack is different from those of the other grammar checkers. By scanning the content, this software highlights certain words with red, green, and blue colors. The green color highlights grammatical errors, the red one highlights misspelled words and terms used inappropriately in the text, and the blue color simply offers advice on how to write in the style you have chosen.

This is one of the Grammarly alternatives that also integrates a feature that scans text for double negatives, concealed verbs, unnecessarily complicated sentences, lengthy words, jargon, repetitive phrases, and sentences that should be eliminated. Given that WordPress comes with a built-in plugin for JetPack, you may have already used it. Additionally, it is a capable tool for basic proofreading and will complete that duty admirably for you.

Subscription PlanPriceValidity


  • Proofreads texts automatically
  • Highlights errors such as misused and misspelled words, grammar errors, format, and other blunders
  • Detects text in multiple languages such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French,
  • Allows you to use advanced options to recognize bias language, double negatives, passive voice, and clichés etc.
  • One of the most affordable grammar checkers


  • Maintaining this software is cumbersome

3. Hemmingway

On this list, the Hemingway Editor distinguishes. This Grammarly alternative free focuses on content errors like complex sentences, passive voice, and unnecessarily long sentences. However, it does not highlight and explain each spelling or grammar issue. Its main goal is to improve the flow, word choice, and sentence structure of your writing in order to make it more succinct and understandable. However, it rarely offers specific advice on how to rewrite or rearrange your text. You have the choice.

Nonetheless, there isn’t a chrome extension for it. It allows you to copy and paste your text onto the website, which is accessible for free. Alternatively, if you want to install its application for the desktop, you need to pay. The Hemmingway application enables file transfer which makes it simpler to check lengthy documents. Besides, Hemingway will undoubtedly improve your writing, but it cannot catch every unusual syntactic issue, so you’ll probably need one of the other resources on our list.

Subscription PlanPriceValidity
Web VersionFreeUnlimited
Desktop Version$19.99Lifetime


  • Shows detailed subscriptions and pointers
  • Best Grammarly alternative that enhances readability
  • Helps breaking long and hard-to-read sentences
  • Allows you to use it offline
  • Straightforward user-interface


  • Lack of grammatical errors
  • Desktop version isn’t free
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4. Ginger

Ginger is another one of the most popular and effective free Grammarly alternatives that also offers its premium version. This authentic grammar checker detects every small grammar and spelling issue. Additionally, it can read your text aloud to you, which is a great method to spot odd phrases and sentences while speaking. Even listening to articles instead of reading them is possible with this function!

The ability to translate text is Ginger’s strongest suit. Over 40 languages are supported for translation! It uses neural machine translation to accomplish this, which neither Grammarly nor PWA can. Additionally, it provides some grammatical tutorials to help you polish your writing if you’re not a native English speaker.

Subscription PlanPriceValidity


  • Accessible on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and other browsers
  • It proofreads every word in the document
  • Suggests words from the dictionary to make your content more professional
  • It uses grammar rules to make the content error-free
  • This Grammarly alternative is is also accessible for free


  • The premium version is pretty expensive
  • Does not support Google docs
  • It may not fine all grammatical mistakes

5. WhiteSmoke

There are numerous platforms where you can play WhiteSmoke. It works with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. The grammar checker on WhiteSmoke will inform you of any mistakes you make and provide an understandable detail.

The spelling checker verifies that you are using any homophones that are appropriately written in the relevant context. WhiteSmoke is also highly distinctive due to this algorithm. The vocabulary is regularly updated thanks to a publicly accessible database that is community-maintained.

Your phrases are compared to the existing database of errors, vocabulary, and sentences maintained by the grammar checker. A program then compares your sentences to the database, and an AI is then used to repair the syntax and writing style.

Moreover, this tool allows you to translate the text between 55 different languages. It is extremely precise and uses machine translation. Because every word is given a sentence sample, it can also, in a way, aid in language learning.

Subscription PlanPriceValidity


  • Integrates a translator that translates content into 55 languages
  • Shows examples of words it translated
  • Suggests synonyms from the extensive database thesaurus
  • Highly affordable grammar-checking tool


  • Does not check grammar with precision
  • Does not offer any free trial

6. Slick Write

Users can utilize the free, online grammar-checking tool Slick Write to verify their writing for syntactic and aesthetic problems. Issues, such as grammar mistakes, sentences in passive voice, fluency, vocabulary, sentence, and paragraph length, sentence and structure flow, and many other writing aspects are checked by this software.

Slick Write is a Chrome and Firefox plugin that can be accessed online, but it cannot be installed on your desktop for offline use. The user experience of this program is quite straightforward. When the text has been submitted for evaluation, you will see the problems and recommendations highlighted in various colors. Clicking on a word or phrase will reveal a description of the issue and recommendations for correction.

The Statistics and Associator choices are two distinctive features of Slick Write. Statistics provides you with an easy-to-understand summary of the text, including style components like readability and sentence length. The Associator gives you a list of terms that are related to the word they have selected.

Subscription PlanPriceValidity


  • Your data is encrypted to keep your documents secure
  • Helps you improve your overall content and make it professional
  • Checks the overall flow and structure of the content
  • Detects and underlines prepositional phrases
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Finds passive voice sentences and suggests the best alternatives


  • Too many ads
  • Use interface is not spontaneous

Final Words

So, whether you are a student, instructor, or writer, the most reliable grammar checker helps you improve your overall writing and give it a professional touch to make it error-free. These tools not only aid in detecting grammatical errors but also identify the efficiency and proficiency of the content while saving you time.

Thus, consider the most dependable Grammarly alternatives from the aforementioned options and pick the best one for you. Almost all of these tools offer free versions as well. So, if you are a student and could not afford to pay for such software programs, you can acquire and use their free versions, and save your money.

On the other hand, if you want to obtain advanced and premium versions of these tools, they also offer pretty affordable rates. Nonetheless, the premium versions detect grammar and spelling errors more precisely and suggest appropriate corrections. So, acquire the best alternative to Grammarly and write like a pro!

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