Top 10 High Paying Jobs Without Degree

You might have come across a lot of successful entrepreneurs and top business people who never went to college, yet hold large enterprises. Well, history is full of business sharks in the market ocean, who have influenced so many people through their hard work, business tactics, and management strategies. This all tells us that acquiring a degree to earn isn’t crucial, but all you should have is passion and skills.

The post DOES NOT want to undervalue degrees; their value is undeniable.
Even if you don’t have a degree at the moment, you can still make money!

Today, a lot of institutes now offer short courses and diplomas to provide skills to people that help them get high paying jobs without degree. Therefore, these courses have made it pretty easy to earn money without obtaining a four-year degree.

Do you know? – According to the BLS, between 2020 and 2030, 60% of new employment will be in occupations that do not typically need an associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degree.

In this article, we will let you know about some top high paying occupations that don’t require student degrees.

List of 10 Best No Degree Jobs

Although a college degree is an exceptional way to invest yourself for making a good amount in the future. But, it’s not preferred by everyone. There are some people who want to gain a certificate or associate degree to get employed without spending much time. Check out the below mentioned high paying jobs without degree requirements:

1. Elevator Installer

In order to convey people securely from one floor to another, elevators need to be installed properly and maintained regularly.  Being an elevator installer is one of the top high paying jobs without degree. These technicians have expertise in these electrical and mechanical systems because they need particular understanding and training. Although training is provided through a diploma program, these installers must continue their education to stay current with ever-evolving technology.

To operate on an elevator installation, you typically need a permit, and you can seek professional certificates. Installers of elevators are often building machinery professionals. The work is physically tough. You will perform your duties in confined spaces, in suffocating heat or cold, and at great elevations. Elevator repairs may respond to crises even though many tasks take place during regular business hours.

Annual Median Salary$88, 540
Education RequiredHigh School Diploma and License
10-Year Growth Projection3%

2. Fire Investigator

Fire investigators typically come from firefighting experience and have tertiary training in that area. They locate potential sources of fire, check that fire regulations are followed, evaluate emergency plans, evaluate fire extinguishing systems, and provide fire safety instructions.

However, it is the responsibility of investigators to examine and record the evidence left behind by fires in order to identify the cause and origin. You can pursue either path if you’re passionate in this industry and make a pretty good amount.

Annual Median Salary$52,500
Education RequiredPostsecondary Training
10-Year Growth Projection6%

3. Real Estate Agent

Real estate brokers assist in bringing together buyers and sellers of property investment, including houses, plots, and commercial buildings. They frequently have control over their schedule, yet they might put in odd hours to talk to clients. By offering suggestions on home pricing, design, and branding, they assist sellers in marketing their properties. They also discuss the conditions of the sale while showing properties to prospective buyers.

A provincial license and passing a test are required for real estate agents. Courses that will help you get ready for the state examination are offered by community colleges, real estate firms, and educational service providers. Fair housing regulations, legal descriptions, real estate ethics, mortgage loans, and listing agreements are some of the subjects covered.

Annual Median Salary$51,220
Education RequiredHigh School Diploma and License
10-Year Growth Projection5%

4. Aircraft Mechanic and Technician

Aircraft are routinely maintained or repaired by avionic mechanics and service personnel. After completing high school, mechanics and technicians can enroll in a Federal Aviation Administration-approved aviation technician school to receive technical training and earn a certification (FAA).

Another route is to begin training while under continual observation on the job and work your way up to becoming certified. Repairing brakes, wings, and other electrical equipment are among the duties of aircraft mechanics.  An aircraft technician also corrects mechanical or electrical problems.

Annual Median Salary$64,310
Education RequiredHigh School Diploma and License
10-Year Growth Projection6%

5. Mortician

Morticians are funeral planners, who consult with families directly to arrange the specifics of the service. They also execute aesthetic procedures on bodies and embalm corpses to make them ready for viewing by family and friends. The mortician frequently plans and organizes the funeral service’s specifics, such as securing priests and members of the crew, setting up the opening and closure of graves for burying, and creating an obituary.

Students who work part-time at a funeral home might obtain experience. An apprenticeship is a possible form of education. Morticians also need to complete training and education programs and pass a state licensing test.

Annual Median Salary$58,170
Education RequiredAssociate Degree
10-Year Growth Projection8%
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6. Radiotherapist

A number of malignancies and tumors can be treated using radiation. To administer this crucial therapy in a safe and efficient manner, radiotherapists collaborate with the patient’s healthcare staff. The therapists set equipment, keep track of the patient’s behaviors, explain therapy programs to patients and their families, and take thorough notes during each session. Hospitals employ about 65% of radiotherapists.

Radiation therapists are physically fit and have strong social and scientific abilities. Human anatomy, computer science, and mathematics are studied as part of the training, which is normally a one to a four-year program. The majority of states demand that radiation therapists earn national certification and keep their state certification current.

Annual Median Salary$86,850
Education RequiredAssociate Degree and License
10-Year Growth Projection6%

7. Executive Assistant

Looking for a position that doesn’t require a technical education or degree? With some fundamental office knowledge and abilities, you can become an executive assistant or secretary and position yourself for prosperity. Executive assistance is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree, which generally entails more intricate administrative and secretarial tasks for senior executives.

Analyzing messages, conducting research, and putting up reports are among the duties. Although there will be a noticeable reduction in employment in this occupation, there will still be opportunities when an employee departs the industry.

Annual Median Salary$60,890
Education RequiredHigh School Diploma
10-Year Growth Projection8%

8. Construction Supervisor

Between estimated costs and work schedules through final examinations, construction managers supervise building projects. To make sure the project complies with building standards, they work collaboratively with engineers and architects. They might also oversee subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, or builders. The manager is in charge of making sure the business obtains all relevant licenses and fulfills any essential building assessments.

Construction experience of many years is frequently brought to bear by the site supervisor. Some people add to their professional expertise by earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in construction management. Some businesses provide on-the-job instruction overseen by an experienced manager.

Annual Median Salary$97,180
Education RequiredHigh School Diploma or Associate Degree and License
10-Year Growth Projection11%

9. Occupational Therapist

The main goal of an occupational therapist is to assist clients in learning and using practical life and work skills. The majority of occupational therapy sessions are for aged patients who require assistance with daily chores around the house or following an incident.

In hospitals, healthcare centers, and therapy workplaces, occupational therapy assistants support therapists and physicians in providing care to patients. It’s a dynamic and engaging career with lots of chances to communicate with others. Additionally, the outlook for job growth appears promising.

Annual Median Salary$60,950
Education RequiredAssociate Degree
10-Year Growth Projection14%

10.  Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots fly planes that carry passengers or cargo between locations. Before takeoff, they develop and submit flight plans and inspect the mechanical and fuel systems of the aircraft. They keep an eye on systems and interact with air traffic control while in flight. They have to steer the jet to its destination while handling emergencies and shifting weather.

Commercial pilots gain their skills via education, practice, and certification programs at recognized flying schools. Pilot licensing and training are governed by the FAA. As they go through pilot certifications, pilots start with private pilot licenses and continue to earn flight hours, noting various techniques and processes. Pilots must be of a certain age and pass a physical examination.

Annual Median Salary$130,440
Education RequiredHigh School Diploma and License
10-Year Growth Projection6%

Wrapping Up

The key to victory isn’t necessarily a college degree. Choosing one of these high paying jobs without degree can help you increase your income if you have the appropriate savings and spending habits. However, in order to flourish in life, you should always develop a skill to keep yourself upgraded according to the trends and strategies and earn better.

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