4 Effective Ways: Homework And Time management

It is no secret that gaming is an incredible way of entertainment for people of every age, especially among students. However, excessive use of video games among students is increasing which ends up in students’ failure. Moreover, it has been studied that gaming addiction can lead to some mental health disorders.

Thus, it is crucial for school or college-going students to keep a balance between their homework and time management. In this article, I will let you know how to balance play time and study time.

Before, diving into the main topic, identify some effects of online gaming on students’ time management.

How Does Online Gaming Impact Students’ Performance?

According to a survey, an average student spends approximately 5-8 hours playing video games. Well, there are both negative and positive effects of online gaming on students’ time management and academic performance. Hence, it is significant for students to be aware of such addictions and adopt some strategies to balance gaming and studying.

Below, I have mentioned some optimistic and pessimistic impacts of gaming on students’ performance.

Pros of Playing Video Games

Research in Columbia University describes that children who play video games from the age of 6-11, are relatively more intelligent and contain high competence.

  • Enhances Mental Competence

The ability to concentrate allows the student gamer to quickly solve problems and make reliable decisions. Students, who play video games, have been seen as more skillful in several things, such as multitasking and identifying problems and their solutions quickly. Moreover, they have more developed mental health and versatility. The mental ability of these student gamers is better than those of non-gamers.

  • Improves Visual Contrast Sensitivity

One of the researches on the relationship of students with video games has shown that students, who play action video games for about 50 hours, are able to differentiate even slight differences between color shades. These students have better visual contrast sensitivity than ordinary students.

  • Helps with Stress

Scientifically, it has been proved that video games are the means of reducing stress and depression. For instance, players, who play violent video games for only half an hour, feel much relieved from aggression and anger.

Cons of Playing Video Games

According to the research on video games, it has been analyzed that video games have quite negative effects on students’ performance and personal life.

  • Video Games Addiction

Studies have also depicted that almost 94% of video game players are male and 6% are females. However, a maximum number of these people were found addicted to video games. Additionally, an investigation, which occurred in the US, determined that 9% of adolescent gamers used to play video games for 50 hours a week. They were found addicted and tend to perform poorly in school.

  • Increases Depression and Anxiety

On one side, where video games help in diminishing stress and anxiety; on the other side, they may accelerate depression. For example, an experiment on 5th-grade video gamers was done, which identified that these students who play video games for more than two hours a day are more likely to have anxiety and depression.

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Steps towards better homework and time management for gaming

While playing video games, you get no idea where time has flown and you don’t get time to complete your homework. Therefore, if you adopt some habits and follow these steps, you will balance gaming and studying successfully.

  • Create a Schedule

Most people, especially students, lack time management skills and remain unable to maintain a specific schedule. List down your to-do list, make a timetable, and follow it regularly. Although you have all things in your mind, still when you write it down, it becomes easier to follow. When you have a set schedule, you will be able to manage time and fulfill your tasks easily.

  • Study First Before Playing Games

You should only start playing games once you have completed your homework and other important tasks. For this, you need to follow the first step, in which you would have to set and follow a particular schedule. When you’ve completed your homework, you may find plenty of time for video games.

  • Try to Play Selective Games

With thousands of video games, you need to stick with certain games. Further, it is important to pick the game that goes efficiently with your schedule. For instance, if you have started a never-ending game, your time will pass in a flash. Therefore, try to play games in sessions and decide to play a specific number of sessions to save your time.

  • Limit Your Screen Time

When you spend time on screens, either TV, video games, mobile, or laptop, time passes quickly. Therefore, it is advised to limit your screen time and give dedicated time to other activities as well, such as outdoor games, spending time with family, and homework. You should know how much time you’ve spent playing and stop immediately after a specific period.

Bottom Line

It is essential for students to adopt some approaches to bring balance between their homework and gameplay. This blog is meant to help you with homework and time management for the games you love. We agree with the proverb, 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Other than studying and playing video games, don’t forget to spend your time on some healthy activities. Also, when it comes to healthy gaming you can always pay someone to do your homework. This helps you to spare your time for healthy games and activities. However, make sure to not consume a lot of time and allocate a specific time to your gameplay.

If you know any other tips to balance play time and study time, let us know by commenting below.