5 Proven Tips To Prepare for the SAT Exam

If you plan to take the SAT exam and want to score the best, you’re more likely to prepare yourself in a different manner. Every year, millions of students anticipate taking SAT exam to get admission to their dream college. Well, this is one of the most exciting yet awful feelings because you have to score the best to step into the institute.

However, if you are also expecting to take admission to a college and want to prepare for the SAT, you can execute different methods to score high. According to the College Board, if students only follow these five steps, beginning earlier, studying SAT online, practicing at least one full-length SAT test, concentrating on their high school courses, and identifying what to expect in the test, they would be able to pass the exam effortlessly.

Once, you’ve successfully taken the exam, you’re free to have dreams of your life in college.

What is SAT?

SAT, stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, is an entry test for colleges or universities. This test is used by the institutes to assess students’ academic competence and capabilities. Moreover, SAT test is designed in MCQs form by the college board administration.

The purpose of this exam is to evaluate the preparation and devotion of high school students for college. This test sets one common point to compare all candidates’ skills. Nonetheless, the college administrations set the score criteria of the test along with the high school grades. Your high school standards should include extracurricular activities, recommendation letters from instructors, admission interviews, and personal essays. Anyhow, the score of the SAT exam varies from college to college.

Tips to Prepare for the SAT

read through the best hacks and tips for SAT preparation and implement these strategies while preparing for the SAT exam.

Register for SAT Early

Although it would be wonderful to have unlimited time to study for an exam, high school students do not have that privilege. It’s crucial to determine where your SAT sets into your schedule because your academic years would be jam-packed with significant activities. Select a SAT schedule that is at least 2 or 3 months ahead so that you have adequate time to prepare for the SAT.

In addition, starting early allows you to estimate how much study time you’ll require every week and prevents you from stressing out. Students who begin their SAT preparation sooner perform better and are more confident when taking the test.

Create a Study Plan

First of all, identify your strengths and weaknesses, target score, and time limits. And, based on these factors, create a realistic learning plan. Up to test day, make an effort to study for a fixed period of time each day. It is more efficient to spread out your studying over a month or two rather than trying to memorize everything a week before the test.

From the beginning to the end of your SAT preparation, be sure to take at minimum two full-length SAT practice exams. You’ll also become more accustomed to the structure and have a better idea of how extensive the test will be if you take at least one practice exam on paper.

Developing a routine and scheduling a study plan is key to effective SAT preparation. You may use your schedule or an online calendar like Google Calendar to specify the kind of portion you’ll be studying each day. You might spend an hour studying after school. You could also find it more convenient to practice for the SAT for 30 minutes in the morning and at night.

And keep in mind that the same behaviors that helped you achieve in high school will also help you on exam day. As a result, take responsibility for your education by doing your homework, asking and answering lots of questions, getting ready for tests, and not being scared to enroll in difficult courses.

Take a Full-Length SAT Practice Test

One of the best methods to get ready for the SAT is to take a full-length practice exam, and College Board offers a number of comprehensive practice exams on Official SAT Practice online. You can get a good idea of your SAT score by taking a practice test with scheduling guidelines similar to those you’ll face on test day.

According to many researchers, your performance on an official, full-length practice exam that you take after studying and a few weeks before your test date is a good indicator of how well you’ll perform on the real SAT. The results of your practice tests will also show you what areas you need to focus on as you get ready for the real test.

We advise taking each comprehensive practice test you take as though it were the actual thing. Stick to your schedule, only take a short break when they are indicated on the SAT, and put your phone aside.

Taking a practice exam increases your SAT exam confidence because it simulates the SAT experience, moreover, to highlighting your weak areas. Before you take the actual SAT, it’s crucial to be acquainted with the test’s layout, the speed at which questions are answered, and how you’ll feel once you’re prepared.

Improve your Vocabulary

Studying tough books, articles, and SAT prep courses will help you improve your vocabulary and understanding in addition to taking practice exams. When it comes to the reading skills sections on the test, the College Board releases a list of recommended reading that may be helpful to you. Highlight or underline any unknown words you come across, then check them up in the dictionary. This behavior will benefit you throughout your life and can raise test scores.

Hire a Tutor

If you find it difficult to study independently, you might want to think about enrolling in a test preparation course. You might also be able to locate a privately operated prep course in your neighborhood. Some colleges offer online or in-person classes or study groups. Having a live instructor available to explain anything to you can be really helpful when you’re having trouble understanding an answer or grasping a topic.

Working with a tutor can be a better option for you if you want even more specialized individual attention. Tutors can focus on exactly what you need to do to increase your exam score by pinpointing your areas of weakness, but this type of specialized teaching can be pricey.

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Who can Take SAT Test?

The SAT test can be taken by anyone who wants to step into a college or university for an undergraduate program on scholarship or any other program that requires SAT.

However, in order to take a SAT exam, you need to pay a specific amount of registration fee of $49.50. Yet, if your SAT exam includes an essay, it would cost $64.50.

Nevertheless, you may have to pay more for several services such as a change of center or date, late registration, waitlist, etc. Besides, all non-US candidates may also have an international registration fee. However, this fee varies from region to region.

What is the Length of SAT Test?

Know what to expect in a SAT exam before preparing for the SAT. A SAT test consists of three sections: math, reading, writing, and language. Other than this, an optional essay requires an extra fee.

Check out the table below to know what to expect on test day.

ModuleTimeNo. of QuestionsSubject Included
Math60 minutes58Heart of AlgebraProblem Solving and Data AnalysisPassport to Advanced MathAdditional topics in Math
Reading65 minutes52LiteratureHistorical documentsSocial SciencesNatural Sciences
Writing and Language35 minutes44CareerScienceHumanitiesHistory/Social Studies
Essay (optional)50 minutesRead a short passage and compose an essayGeneral topics
Total3 hours + (50 minutes)154 + (essay) 

Bear in mind that a math SAT test is divided into two parts; each section has given time of 35 minutes and 25 minutes. Yet, one section requires a digital calculator for complex formulas and calculations. However, while doing the second part, you’re not allowed to use the calculator.

Take Away

So, do you fear preparing for the SAT? Set away your troubles! You’ll definitely succeed if you know what to anticipate and how to prepare for the test day. We hope that our detailed instructions will enable you to achieve the best results. Ask your SAT teacher to create a study schedule just for you in order to make the preparation process as flexible and productive as feasible.

Also, you can hire our tutors to take your exam, to achieve your desired score!