What is a Diagnostic Essay?

Students usually become worried and frightened by hearing the word “diagnostic essay” when they are assigned to it. They often wonder what type of essay it is and how to write one. It’s nothing! The purpose of a diagnostic essay is just to evaluate students’ positive and negative personality traits. It helps the teachers to diagnose their writing issues. Nevertheless, a diagnostic essay is much like a thesis paper. Yet, the statement of this essay should be precise, clear, and convincing to the rest of the content.

In other words, a diagnostic essay is drastically useful for second language learners because it helps them enhance their communication and writing abilities. On the other hand, if you are striving with any sort of learning disability, then a diagnostic essay would help you throughout your academic and professional life.

Diagnostic Essay Definition

A diagnostic essay is a sort of evaluation test at a higher level, which is used to measure the knowledge level and writing capabilities of the students. However, in order to assess these skills, students are given a prompt and asked to write an essay within a specific time.

Yet, this essay does not need research or citations, but it all depends upon the existing knowledge of the student. Once students complete the essay, they are asked to present their writing styles and their time-management skills.

However, it is pretty challenging for instructors to evaluate students’ analytical thinking. Still, a diagnostic essay is useful to describe professors where you stand and how much additional support you would require in the future. Yet, if you write a good piece of paper, it is an excellent way to impress your instructor.

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How do you Start a Diagnostic Essay?

By following the below steps, you can start a diagnostic essay. Remember that you would be given a limited time, thus it is essential to focus on proper structure first. It will help you prevent any writing and time management issues.

Pick a Topic

Several professors prefer to allow students to select the topic for their essays, while others prescribe certain themes to pupils. They may raise the issue so you must respond in the form of an essay.

Below, we have enlisted some common topic ideas for a diagnostic essay which you can pick to write an exceptional piece of paper.

  • Whose success story can you learn from?
  • Is there a place for hunting in today’s world?
  • What are some potential drawbacks of online education and how can they be overcome?
  • In student residences, is there an issue with racial bias?
  • Will remote employment eventually outnumber in-office positions?

Make sure that the topic chosen for a diagnostic essay should ask a question or pose a problem in order to diagnose the matter and deliver your opinions and solutions.

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Write a Solid Thesis Statement

When it comes to writing a thesis statement for your essays, a number of students struggle. Despite the fact that they must produce a significant amount of statements for numerous essays during their whole semester, some students may come up with a sophisticated thesis statement, which is great.

Nonetheless, in the case of a diagnostic essay, a thesis statement is a crucial aspect that should be prepared initially because you won’t have much time to think about it during essay writing due to time constraints. As a result, generate a thesis statement initially; this will make working on your paper much smoother.

Produce an Outline

It is obvious that if you’re short on time, you may skip this section, but it can help you stay structured and organized in your ideas. It’s an excellent technique to recall any thoughts that come to mind so you don’t miss them while writing. Each paragraph must include only one concept. You won’t go over your word limit or make your selected topic too wide if you follow this rule.

Begin the Writing

Now, it’s time to initiate the writing with an introduction. In this step, you need to follow the writing format that we have mentioned above. Start with the introduction and make sure that you write the sentences well. In the introduction, present your main idea so the reader gets an idea about what the essay is written about.

Then comes the body part. Make sure you write each argument in each paragraph. you must not tangle multiple ideas in the same paragraph; so that the readers have a clear idea about each thought. In the end, conclude your essay by rephrasing the problem statement and your opinions.

How to Write a Diagnostic Essay?

Once you have picked the topic, composed a thesis statement, and created an outline, it’s time to write a diagnostic essay. Remember, if you make a proper strategy and outline before initiating, it will become easy to complete the essay effortlessly.

Typical diagnostic writing should consist of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Thus, check out the steps underneath to write these sections effectively.

The Introduction Part

The introduction section of a diagnostic essay comprises the thesis statement in detail. It describes the crucial arguments that you are going to cover in your whole essay. The thesis statement should be the last line of the introduction, which should be one sentence long and convey a compelling statement or a call to action.

The Body Section

Keep in mind that old rule of thumb, “One idea – one body paragraph!” Make sure to implement this rule in a diagnostic essay. Make an argument for your point of view and explain how it connects to your essay. Feel free to include any facts, research, or personal knowledge that may be utilized to back up the various statements being presented.

The Conclusion

Conclude each paragraph’s essential points in a way that makes even the most complicated material more understandable. In the final paragraph, do not offer any new ideas. Yet, restate the thesis statement in alternative phrases so that the intended reader is not left with any doubts. In the concluding line, discuss proofs and evidence in such a way that it motivates people to act favorably or to learn more about the essay topic.

Review and Revise

Proofread your essay when you’ve finished writing it and make any necessary changes. It is pretty challenging to compose an essay without making mistakes. So, make sure to keep some time for proofreading.

Diagnostic Essay Outline Example

Below, we have mentioned an outline that will help you understand in a better way how to write a diagnostic essay.

Thesis Statement:

Will Remote Employment Eventually Outnumber In-Office Positions?


An introduction should begin with an engaging hook line. Then it should cover three body sections that relate to and support the thesis statement.

According to some data scientists at Ladders, 25% of all office-based employment will become remote by the end of 2022. Since the beginning of the epidemic, Ladders researchers have been closely analyzing remote employment accessibility from North America’s biggest 50,000 firms. It’s difficult to exaggerate the significance of this shift in working patterns.

Body Section:

the body section comprises three paragraphs, each with different arguments as mentioned below:

Airtasker studied 1,004 full-time employees and 505 of them were working remotely across the United States. The findings show that remote employees perform better than their equivalents in-office.

Moreover, in case of a global crisis or an outbreak, remote work offers various advantages. Such as COVID-19, which made a lot of employees work from home and prevented them and the rest of the world from human interactions while keeping the long-term prosperity of businesses.

Obtaining a remote employment policy may save businesses money by reducing the need for costly commercial space while giving employees the flexibility to choose their own timelines and work from anywhere they want.


It encompasses the overview of the whole essay, in which you restate the thesis statement and add a call to action to convince the reader.

So, it is estimated that remote employment will ultimately outnumber office-based positions. Thus, instead of resisting this modification, it is recommended to businesses focus more on the productivity and execution of employees while managing the projects remotely.

Final Thoughts

A diagnostic essay is more effortless to write as compared to other kinds of essays since it does not involve any in-depth research. Yet, it is suggested to add some facts in order to support your ideas and arguments. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be concerned because such essays are not graded. Still, in order to achieve the greatest outcomes, you might even consider pre-writing your essay.