Writing a Research Based Argumentative Essay About Technology

To write an argumentative essay is a common requirement for almost every student from high school to university level. Therefore, you should not let yourself fail when it comes to writing a research based argumentative essay about technology.

Below, we have compiled a checklist of quick tips to help you write a spectacular piece of paper about technology.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is the type of essay, in which the subject matter is investigated. Making arguments on the topic requires the collection of evidence, its evaluation, and the establishment of the position within the essay in a precise manner.

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Technology is a wide subject that is interpreted and seen in a variety of ways. Because of its breadth, it’s easier to say than to write an argumentative technical essay. It is simple to come up with a topic and convincingly debate it out with our assistance. Recognizing how to compose will enable you to finish your assignments quickly, allowing you to focus on other activities.

Follow Considerable Steps to Write an Argumentative Essay on Technology

For most students, technology is a difficult topic. Papers about technology, unlike other art or science essays, do not require a compelling tone. In this situation, the writer’s goal is to persuade the readers by utilizing forceful claims to support facts and ideas.

The readers can then choose whether or not to embrace the written material. Approval or denial will be determined by the facts stated. Keep in mind to include both the advantages and disadvantages of the topic being discussed.

So, to write a well-written argumentative essay on technology, check out the tips mentioned below.

Avoid Opinion-Based Statements

It is critical to understand that the writer’s opinion is meaningless while producing this sort of essay. When writing, the writers should refrain from expressing their emotions. Phrases such as ‘I believe’ should not be used in the content at all. For instance, I believe that technology has a bad influence on the youth. Instead, state that technology has a detrimental impact on the younger generation.

The use of perceptual or opinion-based statements gives the impression to the reader that the writer is unsure about their findings. It is uninteresting to read since it lacks a commanding tone. As authors, be sure to utilize strong phrases that will aid in improving the paper’s quality.

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Write Down Supportive Arguments in the Essay

Because the body of an essay is the core section, it is necessary to provide all the information at this stage. To obtain the correct information, one needs to conduct extensive study. To learn more about the topic, look it up online or through books. It is critical to conduct extensive study because personal views are irrelevant in this field.

All of the ideas presented in the body section must be supported by adequate proof. Make sure that you don’t release a remark until you’re certain about it. It might result in a lot of queries from the instructor, lowering the quality and hence ruining your results.

Incorporate a Solid Conclusion

Argumentative essays on contemporary technology should also include an introduction, core body sections, and a compelling conclusion, just like other sorts of essays. Each paper’s conclusion is crucial. It expresses the writer’s underlying position on the subject under discussion.

The goal of such an essay is to let the readers agree or disagree with the information presented in the essay. Bear in mind that it is not the writer’s job to convince readers to agree or disagree with the arguments. In conclusion, the writer, after summarizing the points, must hold a stance on the ideas expressed in the body section. The writer must also repeat the problem statement and summarize all of the work.

Review and Proofread

All post-writing steps must be completed by both experts and critics. The writing is finished doesn’t mean that you are done. It is necessary to review and modify your work. This practice is not limited to different types of essays. When writing an argumentative essay about technology, it is also crucial.

Spelling and grammar mistakes are common blunders made by writers. There are various internet tools that may be used to quickly discover such errors. This step aids in increasing the quality of the work and the grades consequently.

Cite your Essay

It is critical to cite the references because you are utilizing information from multiple sources to generate the essay. The use of someone else’s views as your own is a criminal violation. As a result, citing the source of information at the conclusion of the content is important.

Some reference styles allow you to include in-text citations right after the sentence, based on which one you pick. This activity allows readers to easily see that the writer conducted some study before submitting the work. You can pick from a variety of referencing techniques, according to your knowledge of using them.


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