You can only access and use Scholarly Help by fully agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website. These terms and conditions are applied to each visitor and user of Scholarly Help and those who avail of its services.

In order to access this website, you need to agree to these terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Yet, if you disagree with these terms and conditions, you won’t be able to access or use this website.

In our terms & conditions and privacy policy, we use some specific terminology to refer to our customers, including “User,” “Client,” “You,” and “Your.” These terms are used for the visitors, users, and those who have access to this website. On the other hand, other terms, such as “We,” “Us,” and “Our” are used to refer to Scholarly Help or this website.

Eligibility Criteria

While availing of our services, you need to make sure of several things, as mentioned below:

  1. All the information that you submit while filling out the form is precise and accurate.
  2. You will maintain the accuracy of this information.
  3. You are a minimum of 18 years old and have the legal ability to be involved in such binding relationships.
  4. While taking our services, you do not use them against or to violate any law, principle, or rule of your academic institute.

Bear in mind that accepting these terms and conditions is wholly your responsibility to prepare and submit your own project to your institute or instructor. You should agree that you can only use any documents provided to you from our end with proper reference to the source.

Remember, if we believe that the user does not fulfill any of the above conditions, your profile may be deleted and the services may be terminated without informing or warning you.

Services Provided

In compliance with these terms and conditions, Scholarly Help would offer numerous academic writing services, which are described in detail on the website.

Our services include providing students with help with their research papers, dissertations, mid and final-term papers, online classes, homework, and all sorts of assignments. by our expert teams. Our teams only use authentic research papers and other physical and online sources. sources. resources to gather data for your projects and are only accessed for personal use. All papers provided to the clients are genuine and authentic so that students can submit them officially after or without reviewing them for personal satisfaction. Other services include unlimited revisions, editing, proofreading, formatting, or paraphrasing of the existing content upon a user’s request. Please take note that each of the above services is charged differently following the selected subject, services required, number of pages, and delivery time. Remember, the price may also vary as per the urgency of the deadline.

In addition, our services are only provided to those users who place an appropriate order from the website by filling in the order form and providing payment details. These services are provided as per the provisions of these terms and conditions and the privacy policy as mentioned on the website. Yet, these provisions and policies may be modified or upgraded from time to time.

We provide your project in a specific format:

  • We deliver your work in the form of a Microsoft Word document.
  • The font style and size is Times New Roman with a 12-point.
  • References are mentioned on the last and separate page.
  • Line spacing is doubled (2.0).
  • Each page covers approximately 250 words.
  • The top, bottom, right, and left have one inch of margin.
  • Title and references are included free of cost.

If our client demands any specific format other than the above, they are welcome to get customized services for free. A standard or regular paper only includes the title page, main content pages, and reference page along with the aforementioned format.

The website reserves all rights to utilize any relevant sources or materials such as research papers, journals, articles, books, newspapers, online publications, interviews, etc. unless our client demands other particular sources to be used for his/her project.

Placement of the Order

While placing an order, make sure to provide complete and correct information. Unfortunately, if you provide imprecise or incorrect information, you will be individually accountable in the case of any misunderstanding or other consequences.

Please be informed that while placing an order, you will be asked for a final confirmation of the provided details and information. Scholarly Help ensures that the delivered project is up to the requirements and standards of the client. However, once you have placed an order with some specific instructions, the subject experts will follow them exactly. Yet, any modifications to your completed order would be treated as a free-of-cost revision to make the user completely satisfied.

Payment Details

All payments are exchanged through debit or credit cards. If the client declines the payment method or does not pay, the services would be forfeited. All payments and fees are without any taxes or hidden charges, and the client is supposed to pay the exact amount that the calculator would show according to the services.

In case, at any time during your order process, you decline or reject to make the further payment, this act will be considered a service violation, and your services will be automatically dismissed.

If any client uses a stolen or someone’s credit or debit card, it would be considered a critical crime. Remember, the website closely inspects the payment provider in order to avoid any sort of forgery. In the case of any online payment scam, state authorities will contact the user right away.

The website holds the right to change its prices at any time, and these upgrades would be posted on the website to immediately inform its users without any delay.

While providing payment method information or making the payment, make sure that you are:

  • Legitimately qualified to provide such information.
  • Lawfully credited to make payments through the aforementioned payment methods on your own.

Verification Process

When you place an order, we never ask for any personal information; but in order to verify the customer, we require you to provide us with some pieces of information. This data includes your email address and your personal phone number, which is also optional. Once you provide us with this information, we legally forward this information to our authorized sources to execute the verification process. However, by accepting these terms and conditions, you will be authorized to place an order and make inquiries regarding your order. Upon your inquiries, we would provide all the necessary information that you have asked about using your information. We may respond to you by verifying your information against a third-party database or via other sources.

To ensure the on-time delivery of your project, Scholarly Help tries its best to complete this procedure quickly without any delay. Hereafter, it is crucial to deliver precise and valid information, including your email address and contact number. If we fail to verify this information, it may result in the cancellation of your order or will be placed on hold.

Remember, your consent is highly important to us and we absolutely require it while processing your personal information in order to provide our services, including the verification process. We also require your permission to use this information for communication and accounting purposes. Once you acknowledge these terms and conditions, we will be authorized to utilize your data for official purposes only.

Discount Policy

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we care about it. Therefore, we always seek ways to offer the best to our clients. One of them is the discount policy. This website reserves all rights to offer any discount program to its clients.

Refund Policy

The website will provide a full refund policy by following specific terms and conditions. When you claim a refund, Scholarly Help will clear all your payments and rights to use the services, and return your payment within a day. The refund period begins on the date the client claims for money back and ends once the payment is refunded.

While refunding, you need to agree to give up all rights to the services automatically. Meanwhile, the refund policy is applicable under several specific conditions:

  • If the client doesn’t get the desired grades.
  • In case of failure or any academic loss.

To avoid any doubt, the money-back procedure will not lead to any penalties, fines, or extra charges.

However, in some cases, we evaluate the refund policy from case to case on the basis of the reason why the refund request was made. Take note that if you claim a refund, we may require some pieces of evidence in the form of documents that could justify your claims. If you find plagiarism in our content, you need to attach the report. On the other hand, if you do not get your desired grades, then the evidence is also required to get a full or partial refund. Once you attach the proof along with your request, we will immediately forward your request to our QA department. After analyzing the attached documents, the necessary actions would be taken and a refund would be issued.

Scholarly Help offers multiple methods of contact; via email, phone call, WhatsApp, or live chat in order to facilitate communication. Whether you use any of these communication methods, the live chat support is available 24/7 and you will get an immediate response. However, if the refund request is not made using any of these methods, your request may be denied.

If the project gets delayed from our end, for this reason, and the client claims a refund, then we may compensate for the unsuccessful delivery of work on the expected time. We may offer some discount towards your current or next order.


If there is any request for revisions or proofreading regarding your final project, Scholarly Help requires a revision period, depending upon the type of editing. The revision period begins on the date when the client claims to edit the document and ends on the day when the revision is done. On the other hand, the revision period may be extended in the case of plagiarism.

Although we offer unlimited revisions while it costs you nothing. But, these revisions are only done in exceptional cases. For instance, if you believe that the writer did not follow the guidelines and the paper isn’t according to your standards, we offer free revision. Moreover, in case of plagiarism (rarely), if the user requests a revision, then you will get it without spending a single penny.

However, if you get the final draft, and you want us to revise your paper and add things to it, then it would definitely cost you. We recognize orders on the basis of their complexity, length, delivery time, and the service you require. Similarly, we identify these elements while revising your work as well.

Remember, once we submit your work, there is a limited time request for revisions and proofreading. In case the user does not request the revision within the time frame, your request might not be submitted. We implicitly believe that our client is satisfied with their final work and, unusually, requests further revisions with regard to anything.

When we deliver your complete academic project and you request editing, we expect our clients to provide complete and detailed instructions about where they require proofreading and what needs to be modified. During the revision period, the revision could be made at any time.

Keep in mind that all revisions must be requested based on the original instructions and guidelines that were provided while placing the order. If the user requests you to provide any additional content in your paper, this would be considered an extension of the project and will incur extra charges. Additionally, if the revision period has passed, and you request a revision, then it would be considered a new order with additional payment.

Limitations of Liability

Scholarly Help is only liable to deliver your work within the deadline and help you achieve the desired grades. However, if the submission of a project is not submitted on time from your end and this affects your grades, then we are not responsible for this loss.

We are not liable for any loss or damage that may occur in connection with the use of this website. We do not encourage or take part in any action against academic integrity. This is your discreet responsibility if you get caught using any unethical or illegitimate services regarding your academics. Therefore, if you are found involved in such activity, the website won’t be responsible.


The website does not claim any false warranties. We hereby negate all sorts of warranties or other conditions like that. Moreover, the website does not warrant any sort of representation regarding the precision or accuracy, such as results or the use of website materials. We do not make any statements such as the availability of the website for all authorities. Visitors or users, w access and use this website from other authorities are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable foreign, federal, and local laws and principles.


The paper or the final draft provided by the website to the client is first considered as the website’s property before delivery. Once it is delivered, the copyrights entirely change and transfer to the user, who can use this final document for their academic or any purpose and submit it on their college or university portal.

Bear in mind that the paper we deliver is intended for your personal use only. It only provides for that:

  1. You use this paper as an assignment and submit it.
  2. This paper can be used as a guide for your exam preparation.
  3. You will submit the paper at your own risk (whether you follow the deadline or not).
  4. This paper cannot be copied, shared, distributed, or transferred to any third party without the consent of the user.

You should not be involved in the copying, sharing, or distributing of the paper that is shared with you for your personal use.


We post clients' testimonials on our official website, which does not contain any personal information, but only the services they acquired. Hence, by accessing this website, we request your consent to post your experience and review along with the customer ID number on our website. We make sure that by posting these testimonials, you will not face any kind of disruption in your confidentiality. Yet, if we have posted your feedback on our website and you request to remove it at any time, you can immediately contact our customer support center at [email protected].

Please acknowledge that when you send us your feedback, suggestions, comments, ideas, or any other information, you will grant us the right to use, alter, publish, or delete these responses on our official website.

While sending your responses, make sure to avoid any of the following acts:

  • Submitting incorrect, misleading, or false information regarding our services
  • Sending materials that invade any intellectual property rights or privacy rights of others
  • Promoting pornographic or sexually explicit material on our website
  • Editing or altering the material of the website
  • Violating or encouraging conduct that may violate any local, regional, or federal principles
  • Sharing material that is harassing, hurtful, hateful, abusive, defamatory, embarrassing, or any other relevant material with our writers, customer support, or any other user of Scholarly Help
  • Trying to violate the security of the website
  • Sharing materials that may reveal the website’s trade secrets without our consent
  • Intentionally or unintentionally violating the local, regional, or federal principles.
  • Sending promotional or advertising materials, plans, or emails to promote other businesses to other people

Notification Alerts

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