Entrepreneurial Programs for Youth

The Youth Entrepreneurial Programs offer young and potential students access to the skills and resources that help them achieve the ultimate success for their future businesses. Moreover, you would have multiple opportunities to initiate a startup, while taking this program because these organizations deliver some contemporary ideas and strategies to begin your own business.

However, if you’re seeking such institutes that offer entrepreneurial programs for youth, we have listed them below. These organizations enthusiastically help students to accomplish their dreams of starting their own businesses. So, whether you are fascinated with tech management, IT, accounting, or something on an advanced level, these programs would help your dreams come true.

Top 8 Youth Entrepreneurship Organizations for Students

If you’ve been interested in the business industry since your childhood, we could understand your passion. Unfortunately, it’s pretty challenging to pick the right subject that integrates future scope as well as helps in developing entrepreneurial skills. Fortunately, these entrepreneurial programs for youth not only assist in developing your business abilities but support you in establishing your business and your life ahead.

1. Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Young Entrepreneurs Academy offers a 12-month youth entrepreneurs program and develops them into self-assured entrepreneurs. As you enroll in this program, you will start learning how to manage your own genuine business or social change and develop a concept. In addition, you’ll get the chance to learn more about networking, financial planning, and other topics.

  • Who’s it for? High school students
  • Program Duration: 1 year
  • Program Cost: $350 program fee + $20 application fee

2. Business Professionals of America

Business Professionals of America is an international entrepreneurial program for youth that offers a variety of courses that help students improve their abilities in areas like accounting, marketing, business management, information technology, and small business programs to high school students. Through these activities, students can gain useful leadership experience and forge long-lasting connections. High school students that participate in BPA events have access to a variety of grants and scholarships along with career opportunities that will help them succeed in the future.

  • Who’s it for? High school students
  • Program Duration: 5 days
  • Program Cost: Not specified

3. LaunchX

LaunchX is a rigorous summer program for high school students, where High school entrepreneurs are brought together to deliver lectures and tips to establish entrepreneurial skills. This entrepreneur education and training is centered on the MIT campus, which gives them the tools and connections to build actual businesses. Young students are able to learn about the internal dynamics of running a business and foster their entrepreneurial instincts through business seminars and distinguished guest lecturers.

  • Who’s it for? 9th grade to Graduate level
  • Program Duration: 4 weeks
  • Program Cost: $7,495 to $7,995

4. Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

For high school students interested in a career in business and entrepreneurship, the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley offers a summer entrepreneurial program for youth. Students will gain knowledge and abilities in research, creating business strategies, marketing, oral presentations, and cooperation through collaboration with experts at Berkeley and alumni. It is a fantastic chance to develop your network with one of the leading entrepreneurial schools in the States and acquire valuable entrepreneurial experience.

  • Who’s it for? High School students
  • Program Duration: 2 weeks
  • Program Cost: $5,500
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5. BETA Camp

BETA Camp is a 12-week comprehensive online training course that teaches high school students how to launch a business from the beginning. At BETA Camp, students learn from a community of business executives from leading multinational firms rather than from academics or lecturers to help them create, test and establish a thriving business while acquiring crucial life experiences that most people only start to master once they are in the job. If you’re interested in an online entrepreneurship program for the summer, BETA Camp is accepting applications presently.

  • Who’s it for? High School students
  • Program Duration: 12 weeks
  • Program Cost: $1,445 for the Summer program, $1,296 for the School year

6. Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship strives to keep students who are at risk of terminating from school. Its owner quickly discovered that those particular youngsters possess intellectual abilities that could be translated well to entrepreneurship.  NFTE today operates in underdeveloped regions all over the world.

It offers camps, summer programs, business seminars, and high school entrepreneur education and training. The lessons end in marketing strategy pitch competitions for the entire class and the scholarship winners advance to regional events. The lectures are delivered by strong entrepreneurial personalities like Daymond John of Shark Tank and Reid Hoffman.

  • Who’s it for? Secondary School students
  • Program Duration: 10 Days
  • Program Cost: Not specified

7. Beta Bowl

Beta Bowl helps teenage students learn about digital entrepreneurship. Their academic reinforcement programs walk students through the process of developing a company idea from conception to launch. Students leave with tangible objectives, a strong business sense, an excellent resume booster and college application distinction, and a variety of useful skills that will aid them in their futures as individuals, students, and employees.

  • Who’s it for? High School students
  • Program Duration: 12 weeks
  • Program Cost: Not specified

8. Youth About Business Leadership Development Program

Youth About Business Leadership Development Program is just a few of the varied components of this program including summer camps, the Wall Street Conference, and year-round. Additionally, students may attend business camps once they have completed at least one year of high school.  A one-week vacation to Wall Street follows and a one-week business camp. Additionally, students have the option of enrolling in the year-round Youth About Business Leadership Development Program, which teaches them leadership techniques and business strategies.

  • Who’s it for? Secondary to High School students
  • Program Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Program Cost: $5,000

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Take Away

So, these were eight of the top entrepreneurial programs for youth that offer young and teenage students. Almost all of the aforementioned organizations offer entrepreneurial services to high school students who have an interest in the business sector. However, these students learn what skills are required to establish a business and how to launch a business from scratch. Besides, some of these programs also offer grants and scholarships to students.

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