Why is it Important to Study Geography?

Geography is a highly significant yet overlooked subject to be chosen as a major. This is because the subject is all about maps, areas, cities, and different places on earth. Not only this, geography is much more than just earthly places. It also studies humans through time, space, and environment, and how people brought evolution to shape history. Concisely, geography is a fascinating subject for many students.

But, the question is why is it important to study geography? A lot of people do not understand the substantial benefits of studying geography. The reason might be that plenty of students think that there is no worth in geography and picking this subject as a major does not have any suitable career options.

In this article, you will learn several solid and supportive reasons why is it important to study geography as a major and the importance of geography to your career.

What is Geography?

Geography is the study of the relationship and interaction between humans with their environment. People who study geography study and explore different regions and areas that are made from the interaction and analysis of atmospheric elements including economic, cultural, physical, and political relationships.

3 Reasons Why Geography is Important

Understanding the vast diversity in cultures, political structures, economics, landscapes, and habitats throughout the globe as well as the connections amongst them, geography enables you to discover and comprehend space and location. Additionally, it offers a perfect platform for linking and integrating information from several other disciplines.

In its broadest context, a geography is a form of education for living. Geography can be learned whether formally or experientially via travel, research, and explorations, makes you more aware of your social and environmental responsibilities, more knowledgeable, and capable of carrying out your responsibilities as citizens and employees.

However, there are various reasons to choose geography as a major in your college or university:

  • It allows you to develop a variety of skills and implement them to solve real-world problems.
  • It enables you to learn about numerous global issues, people, and their relationship with their societies, cultures, atmosphere, and economies.
  • Geography is a broad-based degree with numerous specialization options that offers great career prospects.

Importance of Studying Geography

Well, the fact is that geography is considered an extremely important subject. Therefore, here are seven solid reasons that explain the worth of geography as a subject.

1. Enhances your Nonfiction Reading Skills

Studying geography aids in the development of nonfiction reading abilities for students of all ages, not just in the analysis of maps but also in the reading of things relating to geography. Geography frequently requires reading study articles, analyzing sets of data, and using new accounts.

2. Helps you Understand Globalization

Businesses that expand internationally make a contribution to globalization. You can take part in globalization when you visit overseas. Globalization refers to the process through which civilizations spread across the world and influence one another. Understanding geography helps us anticipate possible outcomes of globalization.

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3. Assists you Travel Smart

Tourism experiences cannot be fully appreciated without a fundamental understanding of geography. Do you want to explore those foggy mountains, rocky coasts, or scorching cities if you travel to Spain? But, how would you do this without understanding the region?

It will also assist you in choosing your course of travel: if you want to finish up in Europe, seeing Portugal, Germany, and Rome makes much more sense. Get prepared by studying for your next trip.

4. Provides Wide Career Opportunities

Your career options are endless if you choose geography as a major in college. Urban and regional planning is a rapidly expanding area that attracts many geography graduates. Moreover, in the battle against global warming, other geographers who engage in environmental management and consultancy can make a significant difference. Additionally, geography majors gain valuable transferable skills like data visualization, research writing, and mapping that may set them apart from other candidates when applying for jobs.

5. Makes you Globally Independent

The concept of global interdependence holds that all regions of the globe are entirely reliant on one another. Prosperity and stability are shared by each state, country, region, and area. We are all interconnected and dependent on one another in one way or another; those countries depend on others, and so on. However, studying geography makes one globally independent because of the correct knowledge of these territories.

6. Enables Geographical Awareness

Geography classes help you develop a sense of location. Every area and region has a past that has been molded by people, the land, and the atmosphere. Studying geography offers places and regions context and awareness. Additionally, it aids students’ global spatial reasoning. Despite possessing quick access to the data online, knowing where things are in the world and understanding their direction are essential skills.

7. Makes Sense of Various Cultures

Human culture is intrinsically spatial: the land controls or shapes the food, fashion, built environment, and even social interactions. An area’s topography has an impact on every facet of its culture.

Understanding and appreciating the great cultural variety found throughout the world is made easier by geography. Geographic places culture in context, just like news does. You need to have some knowledge about a people’s land in order to comprehend them.

8. Students Gain Multiple Skills by Studying Geography

Students have the chance to acquire a variety of abilities while studying geography, some of which are broader in nature. These abilities work well collectively to create a solid foundation for employment, knowledge acquisition, and having a positive impact on the world.

Studying geography may also help you develop a variety of subject-specific competencies, such as the capacity to think geographically across many dimensions. The ability to create compelling maps, diagrams, and illustrations, as well as the skill to perform fieldwork and gather field data all studied in this program.  Additionally, your geographic studies will help you gain more broad abilities that will be beneficial in the future. These include the capacity to construct convincing reasoning, logical analysis, moral and ethical reasoning, leadership, communication, project management, and problem-solving skills.

Summing Up

So, above are some reasons why is it important to study geography. The understanding of various cultures and the situational awareness that geography students possess give them a viewpoint that cannot be found in any other field of study. Geographers can develop substantial and original answers that others might not be able to notice because of this combination of expertise.

By spreading awareness of the consequences of climate change, geography may also have good effects on the planet. Geographers are experts on how different weather conditions have changed over time in specific geographic locations. The impact of those changes on people living there has also been researched. Sharing this information with others is done in the hopes of raising awareness of the impacts of climate change on human society worldwide.

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