The Best Jobs for 17 Year Olds that Pay Good

Finding a good job seems pretty much challenging, especially for teenage students who often don’t have experience. Other than being inexperienced, they have to manage their studies along with their work as well. Therefore, they tend to seek some job that suits their college schedule and offers enough wage to manage their expenses.

With all these demands, students often think that there are no such jobs for 17 year olds; but, it’s not like that! In this article, you will explore the 10 best jobs for 17 teenage students that not only help you earn well but enhance their skills in your interest area. So, that you continue to work in the same discipline after gaining experience.

Do you know? According to BLS, 55.3% people of aged 16 to 24 years were employed in the 2022 summers.

List of 10 Best Part-Time Jobs for 17 Year Olds

If you’re 17 years old and looking for job opportunities that also suit your academic schedule, we’ve got some amazing options for you!

1. Retail Cashier

Retail is renowned for accepting students’ flexible hours and for recruiting 17-year-olds without prior experience. Assisting clients, maintaining supplies, and operating the cash counter are the job responsibilities. There are numerous firms and retail stores that appreciate hiring students for different jobs.

Try to consider the types of stores you enjoy visiting and submit an application there initially. You will have a wide range of possibilities, so you won’t have to choose a store you don’t particularly like or know much about. Starting out at subsistence wages, you may get further opportunities for many store employees and cashiers are employed.

Annual Median Wage: $28,150

2. Photo or Video Editor

Here comes one of the incredible freelance jobs for 17 year olds that pay good Working as a freelancer photo or video editor may be the ideal career choice for you if you have the ability to take ordinary photos or video recordings and make them extraordinary. Teenagers must typically go the gig method. However, you get a great deal of flexibility over your timetable, workload, and tasks by doing that.

Annual Median Wage: $63,000

3. Social Media Expert

Well, this is one of the jobs for 17 year olds online that most students adopt because of its increasing demand, flexibility, and subsequent salaries. Working as a social media expert, executive, or manager can be really fascinating if you enjoy learning about new online platforms.

However, social media marketing is an extensive field that includes planning and designing posts, social media writing, responding to comments, and handling other social media activities. Anyhow, it can be said that social media marketing or management is a flexible online job for 17 year olds that pay well. Additionally, working on this path allows you to control your schedule and spare time for your studies.

Annual Median Wage: $56,000

4. Babysitter

If you already have an experience in babysitting, it helps you get the job pretty easily. You’ll be supposed to look after the kids every week on a predetermined schedule rather than occasionally when the parents need some help.  This might happen every morning before school or 5 days a week after school.

Many parents will at least consider teens to be their children’s caretakers, but they will demand a specific amount of professionalism and dependability in return.  Most probably, they’ll demand that you own a vehicle so that you can drive their kids to and from school, to the parks, or to any appointments they might have.

Annual Median Wage: $38,650

5. Camp Guide

Becoming a camp guide is another one of the best part time jobs for 17 year olds, but it is as same as babysitting. Unlike babysitting, you don’t have to look after toddlers and focus on their actions. But, a lot of teenage camp guides and advisors lead groups of campers who are only a few years younger than them. That’s why many teenage students who perform this job find it pretty fascinating and fun because of the exciting activities.

Although for many students, the camp guide is one of the most desirable jobs, don’t stop yourself from applying to other appropriate careers later in the future. Other than the summer camps, many schools and colleges provide day or after-school camp programs that you can lead as well.

Annual Median Wage: $28,400

6. Tutor

Tutoring is a viable option if you’re seeking jobs for 17 year olds that pay well. If you’ve done well in school, you might be able to get paid to instruct younger children. If you did well on your exam, you might be able to provide specialized assistance, such as the ACT or SAT exam preparation. You’ll spend your time assisting them in better comprehending the material by directing, encouraging, and supporting them as they go.

Annual Median Wage: $50,200

7. Freelance Writer

A 17-year-old can also obtain employment as a freelance writer even though many sites only accept individuals who are 18 or older. Many businesses want assistance with producing blog entries, social media updates, or similar types of material. They might be willing to collaborate with a person under the age of 18 who can speak to their market if teens are their target market. To find customers, you can attempt to market your services on social media or take other aggressive measures.

Annual Median Wage: $27,000

8. Waiter/Waitress

While looking for jobs for 17 year olds, look no further than a waiter or restaurant serving job. This is one of the good-paying part-time jobs. Although you may get a pretty low wage for the first few months, once you obtain experience, you’ll be able to make sufficient even if you work only a few days a week.

You can pick any of the restaurants. Visit several restaurants and see if any of them needs a server and get a job. The job duties of a waiter or waitress include dealing with the kitchen crews, taking orders, serving clients, and processing bill payments. Although the pay rate of a waiter might be average, you can get quite substantial tips from clients.

Annual Median Wage: $25,800

9. Graphic Designer

Many young people can make money with their graphic design abilities. If so, becoming a self-employed graphic designer might be ideal for you. Making numerous types of digital illustrations for businesses or individuals would take up your time.  You might have to promote your services independently since the majority of freelancing sites only allow users who are at least 18 to sign up. Yet, that can be easy to do if your portfolio is solid.

Annual Median Wage: $ $55,500

10.  Ride Attendant

A number of theme parks hire teenage kids and students on a full-time basis. They are frequently employed by businesses with several sites to help with parking or gameplay.  Teenagers regularly work with more experienced workers because ride operators and attendants need specialized training courses.

You might be able to get work at regional festivals and funfairs over the summer, but it won’t happen often.  If you still need to concentrate on your studies and don’t want to be committed to a full-time job just yet, this may be a viable option for you.  Typical job responsibilities include operating the ride, accepting tickets, and maintaining the ride area.

Annual Median Wage: $26,850

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Why is There a Need to Do Job for 17 Year Olds?

Being a broke college student isn’t fun at old. So, once you get into college, it is advised to find a suitable job that helps you manage your expenses unless you’re rich enough. Well, there’s no shame in working along with studies. Balancing work and study ultimately becomes beneficial with regard to your skills and career.

Nonetheless, each student has different objectives for working with studying. Here are a few reasons:

I. Their Skills Get Refined.

Every kid is endowed with some skills and talents. However, by working a part-time job, these talents can be honed. Teenagers can develop their abilities and discover a lot from these occupations. Certain things are not teachable in the classroom. They demand real-world experience. Students who work part-time gain new abilities and grow their skills. Teenagers can quickly learn how to manage money, look after clients, and other assigned chores by working.

ii. They Become Financially Independent.

Teenagers feel more satisfied and confident when they become financially secure. It educates them about the worth of money they earned after working hard and aids in the development of their self-confidence. Monthly salaries are also enjoyable since they relieve them of the need to borrow money from their guardians. Now they can buy their own clothes, pay their own food costs, and purchase a car. As a result, they are able to support themselves economically and live independently.

iii. They Become More Responsible.

Responsibility does not arrive overnight but is acquired with time and experience. However, students must learn to be responsible at some points. They must be responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Students, who begin working at an early age, quickly learn to be responsible. And, their parents or guardians don’t have to put extra effort to inculcate these skills in their children. The jobs for 17 year olds teach instill maturity in these students and make them more responsible.

iv. They Expand their Social Network.

The interpersonal skills of teenagers can be greatly enhanced by getting a part-time job. Young people are introduced to coworkers who are typically varied in age and culture at their work sites. Being a teenager and having to communicate with someone who may be many significantly older might be intimidating. They could have never experienced anything like that before, save in their own homes or with their teachers. If the employment is in the service sector, they will presumably also interact with a variety of clients who are different in terms of personality as well as age.

v. They Get More Career Opportunities.

From a student’s perspective, having a job provides prospects and a new desire for independence, thus this is possibly the best justification. With their own resources, they can buy things that their parents might be unable to purchase. They can purchase the fancy shoes and apparel they really wish for, go to the movies when all their mates are going, acquire a new hobby, take driving classes and eventually get their own car, and even save money to travel abroad when they grow.

Bottom Line

In the end, it’s worthwhile to look into every high-paying position available to 17-year-olds. Some can help you start a career sooner than you might anticipate, while others can just be fantastic ways to get your first job. However, while searching for the most suitable jobs for 17 year olds, start looking into options in your area and deciding which ones can best fulfill your needs. You can identify the role that is best for you.

Doing a job at 17 doesn’t mean compromising your grades. Scholarly Help can help you manage your academic stress. Contact us now!