10 Quick Certifications that Pay Well

The fact cannot be denied that college bachelor’s programs are pretty much expensive for a lot of students to acquire a degree. In reality, an average student owes around $30,000 for their graduation in the US, which takes years to pay off.

Due to this unaffordability of university degree programs, many people prefer acquiring short-term certification courses or trainings to develop their skills and establish their career.

However, if you are one of these people, who are looking for some quick certifications that pay well, you’re on the right page.

Here is a guide for you to get know about some easy certifications to get online that pay well and help you build your profession.

Reasons to Choose Fast Certificate Programs

Short-term certification courses like trainings and diplomas are frequently easier to finish than degree programs. They are an alternate to degree program that might assist you in gaining the knowledge and expertise required for a certain career.

Anyhow, below are some reasons to choose quick certifications instead of four-year bachelor’s programs:

  • These courses cost less to enroll than a degree program.
  • You can acquire these certifications in shorter time; may be in a couple of months.
  • Obtaining short-term certifications helps you enhance your skills in the relevant field.

List of 10 Quick Certifications that Pay Well

While looking for a fast certification program, you would discover multiple options that brings some great career opportunities for you to make good amount. So, here’s a quick checklist for your guide:

1. Travel Agent and Consultation

Becoming a professional travel agent and consultant is effortless since finishing a 4-year degree program is not at all necessary. Unless a company is searching for someone with more professional education, such a bachelor’s degree or who has attended classes relating to the travel and tourism business, you need a high school certificate.

Technical education in business of travel planning is available at a large variety of local colleges, tech institutes, and trade organizations. Most corporations also provide technical training or instruction, such as guidance on how to use the most recent reservation systems in the business.

As a travel agent, you have to decide on the locations, trip dates, means of transportation, pricing, and lodgings needed for consumers as well as plan and promote their transportation and lodging. Not only this, the role of travel agents also includes explaining, scheduling, and organizing travels and selling their offers to their clients.

Certification Program: Certified Travel Associate

Completion Period: 12 months

Salary Range: $42,350 – $73,360/- year

2.  Flight Attendant

Although it doesn’t require a lot of time to become a flight attendant; although the job comes with many benefits, including travel and tourism. However, you simply have to fulfill the prerequisites to obtain a quick certification. The job description necessitates versatility because schedules often change. Previous customer service experience is required along with the certification.

Additionally, training for flight attendants includes topics like business operations, pilot roles, emergency protocols, and much more. Unlike a traffic control official, these are separate responsibilities. You’ll have to do things like serving food and drinks to travelers on airplanes and offer help while they’re in flight.

Certification Program: Federal Aviation Administration

Completion Period: 6-8 weeks

Salary Range: $59,050 – $84,790/- year

3. Photographer

A talented photographer has an eye for taking lovely pictures. A career in photography can be a fantastic fit for you if you enjoy capturing photos.

It should go without saying that in order to be a terrific photographer, you must produce excellent work. On their resumes, most photographers won’t require a formal qualification. However, t heir portfolio speaks for itself.

But, how can you develop your abilities? The solution is to enroll in a course. The majority of academic levels offer photography courses.

You’ll find plenty of possibilities to learn, whether you want to keep it brief and stay with a quick diploma or extend your education into a comprehensive degree program.

Certification Program: Digital Photography Certificate

Completion Period: 5-9 weeks

Salary Range: $41,280 – $86,850/- year

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4. Real Estate

You must obtain your broker’s license if you’re considering a profession in real estate. The highest level of certification in the industry, a broker’s license, enables you to operate freely as a real estate agent.

State-specific requirements vary, but generally speaking, becoming a licensed broker entails finishing a predetermined amount of time of coursework, clearing an exam, and submitting to a contextual investigation. After receiving your license, you’ll be allowed to create your own real estate business, hire staff, and oversee real estate deals.

Obtaining your broker’s license is a noteworthy achievement that can launch a lucrative real estate career. If you’re prepared to advance your career, think about getting your broker license.

Certification Program: Varies by States

Completion Period: Varies by Courses

Salary Range: $51,220 – $71,280/-year

5. Emergency Medical Technicians

Usually, Emergency medical technicians are part of emergency responders who attend to emergencies like cardiac arrest and accidental situations. EMTs should be able to maintain their composure under pressure and be physically fit to carry and transport patients. Since they frequently deal with distressed family members, they also require excellent interpersonal abilities.

The minimal educational requirement for EMTs is a high school certificate. However, many employers choose applicants who have graduated from an official EMT curriculum. Your profession in medicine can get off to a terrific start by passing an EMT certificate program. You’ll not only acquire the abilities and information required to succeed in the position, but you’ll also have the chance to network with other industry experts.

Consider becoming an EMT if you’re seeking for a demanding and satisfying career. You’ll be able to serve in a number of situations, from hospitals to ambulance teams, and you’ll have the chance to positively impact the lives of people.

Certification Program: Emergency Medical Technician Certificate

Completion Period: 3 months

Salary Range: $32,670 – $60,000/- year

6. Cardiovascular Tech

If you want one of the quick certifications that pay well, this is the best non-art-related programs.  You’ll perform exams on automated equipment as a cardiovascular technician under the supervision of an expert cardiologist or doctor. These examinations are meant to search for heart issues in patients.

However, you’ll learn how to use an electrocardiogram (EGK) machine and a stress test as a cardiovascular technologist. Additionally, you’ll discover how to analyze the outcomes.

You’ll require an associate’s degree or a certification to work in the sector. With a one-year certification program, you can bypass a lengthy degree program and begin working right away. If you decide not to register in an approved program, you risk wasting your effort, time, and money on a degree that won’t result in employment in the field.

Certification Program: Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program

Completion Period: 12 months

Salary Range: $5,747 – $50,000/- year

7. Fitness Instructors and Trainers

One of the fast certificate programs with high pay is the Certificate in Fitness Instruction, which is partly attributable to the rise in multiple people looking for assistance with weight reduction or physical fitness. You might work as a fitness trainer or counselor in a variety of settings, including athletic facilities, rich residences, dancing studios, and hospitals.

Regardless on your pace, you can join recognized online certificate diplomas and get certifications. Typically, you need a high school diploma to enter this sector of work, but you can also work for an associate’s degree to increase your chances of getting stronger positions.

Certification Program: Certificate in Fitness Instruction

Completion Period: 3-6 months

Salary Range: $40,510 – $76,550/-year

8. Makeup Artist

Many different businesses need the expertise that beauticians have to offer. A few of these are the entertainment sector, venues for performing arts, and personal care services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the pay for makeup artists differs by industry. You might or might not need a license to practice makeup artistry, depending on your state. In any case, enrolling in a certification program may be beneficial.

Certification Program: Varies by Courses

Completion Period: 1-8 months

Salary Range: $38,010 – $157,680/-year

9. Photovoltaic Installer

Solar energy usage is expanding. The need for solar photovoltaic installation is thus rising.  Those that have prior construction experience can dive right in and learn the ropes online. You’ll probably need to enroll in a more intensive course at a trade school or community college if you lack prior construction expertise.  Given that you can earn n easy certifications to get online that pay well, you can start applying for jobs early. As you advance, many businesses will provide you further training.

Certification Program: PV Installer Specialist (PVIS) Board Certification

Completion Period: 2 months

Salary Range: $32,590 – $64,600/-year

10. Massage Therapist

No significant college degree or considerable training is needed to practice massage therapy. But you’ll have to finish your massage therapist training program.  These courses typically demand for three to six weeks of study. You also need a high school diploma or equivalent to start.

This is a good certification option if you like using massage to make others feel relaxed. You must thoroughly investigate your local laws because each state has different criteria for massage therapists. Make sure to enroll in an accredited program that will result in a certificate and subsequently a job.

Certification Program: Massage Therapy Certificate

Completion Period: 3-6 weeks

Salary Range: $22,580 – $79,150/-year

Final Thoughts

Quick certifications that pay well increase career happiness significantly. Developing your career at your own speed is required. You should take into consideration some of the aforementioned credentials if you truly want to succeed. Don’t spend years doing the same job while sitting at your desk. Accept the challenge, then work toward the credentials. There are several fast certificate programs that pay well. By following the instructions we’ve provided, you may get started with the ones on our list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a professional certification in any course?

The cost of the certification varies as per the course and institute you get from. Some certifications are free of cost. While others may cost you thousands of dollars.

How long does it take to acquire a professional certification in any program?

Each course has a varied duration to complete. An average certification program takes weeks to months.

What things should I keep in mind while enrolling in any certification program?

Before you get enrolled in a specific certification program, make sure to pick the one that offers a wide career path. Moreover, if the course is paid, ensure that it is worth it.

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